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    Why Boil Your Brain?

    In our hunt to achieve our own acceptable level of fitness, either to endure just a reasonable level of quality of life, which is obviously a very personal perception. Or even for those who strive for, or wish to maintain a much higher level of fitness. The enduring vision of the nineties, or even the noughties was of someone undertaking their exercise, if not with their ears plugged into a phone strapped somewhere on their body to interrupt the monotony of exercise with a soundtrack of their choice. Or the more serious and forward thinking running along a road, or even treadmill with a phone with the latest fitness tracking…

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    The Life Saver on your Wrist

    South Yorkshire NHS trust, today released figures from the first quarter of this year. Within those figures the trust states that they recorded 68 instances of patients presenting to hospital with suspected heart issues that had called the emergency line because of worrying readings from fitness trackers. Of those 68 incidents, all received positive outcomes. According to the trust a large proportion of these outcomes can be directly attributed to early action taken because of patient concern regarding readings on tracking equipment. With those kinds of results it seems ever more likely that the story below will become the norm rather than news worthy. Life Saving Watch The following is…

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    December Smart Watch News

    Yes I know. For anyone over13, this time of the year comes around all too quickly. But I am sorry to say that we all have to get our thinking caps on again and consider what to buy our loved ones. Now I guess in these trying times and as we all grow up, even the wealthiest of us realize that a gimmick is not worth throwing any considerable amount of money at. It just isn’t PC anymore to waste money just for the point of it. The Death of the Wrist Watch Ever since the early 1970’s, when for some reason still to be explained the sales of new…

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    Everything has gone Bananas

    Is it me or is there something going on this weekend. My inbox is going to Pop Yes, yes, I know that I said that I would bring you news on a monthly basis, and that would be at the end of the month. But my inbox has gone crazy over the last couple of days. Yes I guess that I should have expected that, but I seriously underestimated what would happen. So unless you want my news article to take the best part of a month to write, you are going to have to accept a mid-month update and be done with it. So here goes.   A Bit…

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    Dive in with Suunto

    In a previous post I bemoaned the fact that the sports/fitness watch market was in general dominated by watch technology companies such as Apple and Xiaomi, or fitness app companies such as Fitbit. I pointed out that the market was desperate for a serious sports watch manufacturer to get their hands dirty. Suunto make a splash Now to any professional or recreational diver the name Suunto is renowned and held up as the pioneer of diving wearables. They almost single handedly drove the dive computer market for over 20 years, constantly improving their algorithms and hardware to constantly drive the safety of divers to the heights that they are today.…

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    So how Does Fibromyalgia Affect You?

    Well you would presume that is a question that I get asked a lot. But you would be wrong. If you were to ask anybody with an obvious physical disability they would probably tell you that response to them usually falls into one of two categories. Either people initially over-react and at least for a while cause both parties embarrassment by trying to be overly helpful or overly considerate. Alternately they make an equally embarrassing effort to try to ignore the disability that they are presented with. They will tell you that in the main both of these are usually overcome eventually through talking. People with facial disfigurement however will…

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    A Clever Watch

    So, just exactly who are Xiaomi? Well you may have heard of them being referred to as the Apple of China. Although it’s believed that founder Lei Jun, prefers to be compared with Amazon. The phenomenal numbers tell why. Founded in 2010, they didn’t produce their first cell-phone until 2013. At the beginning of 2018, they were the 4th largest mobile phone producer in the world. 7 in every 10 phones in China are manufactured by Xiaomi. Unfortunately for such a well-organised and powerful company, the product naming department seems to have the same naming strategy as the British Royal Family. In other words the find every name that they…

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    On the Right Track

    Hey Guys, I am about 10 days in and today I received confirmation that I now have 5 posts indexed on Google. I don’t know what I am doing at the minute but I seem to be accidentally getting it about right. All the best, Adrianmywearablefitness

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    November News

    Hey guys. It has taken me all month to decide if running a monthly news article was a good idea. Not because a monthly update is anything other than useful on a site like this, but what was stopping me was the idea that the first one is always a little lame. So, the only thing left is the question of how to target it. What to call it? If I called it October News that would give the impression that I am slow getting it out, and we don’t want that. But it being the first one I might not get away with pointing it in front, or even…

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    Fibromyalgia and Fitness Tracking

    Me and Fibromyalgia go back a long, long way. But if I knew 20 years ago, what I know now, things would be very different How Does Fibromyalgia Affect You So what is Fibromyalgia? What does it do to you? How does it affect you?. Fibromyalgia My Journey I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia somewhere around 3 years ago now, and that was after around 3 years of clinical investigation. But my guess is that i had probably suffered the effects of the illness for somewhere approaching 20 years before I began my voyage of discovery. In my 20’s I was a fairly active individual with a growing successful career. I…