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It was the dawn of the 90’s, and I was heading up a team devoted to the incremental improvement of an international logistics/home delivery organization. Our task saw us traveling globally throughout the depot structure of the organization often spending months at a time living in hotels and wherever possible traveling home at weekends.

On this occasion I was traveling to my home in Nottingham from the depot that we were working on in Scotland. Convinced of my own indestructibility , as are all mid-twenties men. Even after an 80+ hour week, this was just the norm for me. That is until this time. Because, south-bound and at a fair rate of knots on my homeward journey just before I approached Sotch Corner, I experienced my first sudden, dramatic Vertigo attack. I resisted for a few seconds but then slowed down dramatically and made for the entrance to the services to take an unscheduled but much-needed stop. As I pulled in I then suffered my first ever panic attack.

The decisions I made that weekend enabled me to continue in that career for a further 20 years. Unknown to me at the time, or for many years later this was an unlikely feet as I had just witnessed the onset of Fybromyalgia.

Managing and Monitoring Fitness

That event convinced me that I needed to take my health, and yes the health of the other members of my team much more seriously. We all worked under similar task and time and travel pressures and this was no joking matter. But this was the tech-blind 90’s and there was no nice little tech to monitor and help us. So I brought in enhanced support in the form of monthly health checks from the organization. But this was not enough to satisfy my OCD and give me piece of mind so I was forced to carry blood-prick tests, heart rate monitors and the most portable blood pressure monitor that I could find at the time. All of this at some considerable personal expense to myself. Additionally, the only way that I could keep records for us was to do it myself……… Oh how times have changed!

Self-help for All

As I say times have indeed changed and are changing ever more rapidly. It is now possible to monitor, record and manage not only several critical health markers, but also create, design, modify and follow any number of diets and fitness or exercise regimes. And all through a simple wearable device and an accompanying app. I have (by increasing necessity) kept on-trend with the technology, and have tested, tried and lived with many of the latest technology and I intend to bring those years of user expertise to you

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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