Researchers at the University of Southern California speculate that 15 percent of exercise addicts are also addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, or illicit drugs. An estimated 25 percent may have other addictions, such as sex addiction or shopping addiction.

Are You an Addict? You May be Surprised

A quick search on-line will show you that the topic of exercise addiction is a mega hot one right now, and opinions are very split regarding even the validity of the issue.

Before we can work our way to a solution for the condition, we need the scientific evidence that it exists and both the scientific and the health and wellbeing industries to agree on them. Then we will be able to follow behavioral studies and chase the symptoms down.

All the above seems quite a distance away for me to be able to build safeguards even for myself, let alone anyone else. So here is my considered opinion on the matter as we currently stand. You watch, the second that I publish this there will be an earth-breaking discovery and I will have to swallow my words and reverse my position. I believe that mankind is by design addictive in design and that most of us sport individual habits that prove to be either difficult, or more oft, impossible to change, or adapt let alone, break.

Neurotransmitters, and endorphins are released in our body in rather large amounts when we exercise. Yes they are the same chemicals that we over generate when we are drunk of stoned. This is hardly a recipe for sobriety and considered response. So we have to accept that at the very least some people in some situations could easily be at risk.

If you are not used to any exercise then demonstrating a critical point is very easy. If you haven’t taken any exercise in a considerable time. Go get any old step counter and begin to use it just as part of your regular day. For a little while your daily step count will go up, and up. And all in life will be shiny and rosey. However, there will very shortly be a day when your count for whatever reason will drop. The disappointment that you feel at that very point will determine what happens next. This is very simplistic I know, but this is the exact point that a regular gets to on a very regular basis, and it is this point in time repeated over and over again as time goes on.


I have already been asked a number of times what I would recommend as a step

counter. Later in the site we will run comparisons on many models, but right off the bat for anyone desperate to at least get out walking you won’t go very far wrong with something like the X2 by Innovations (above). It is a durable carabiner style digital counter which also incorporates a pretty accurate calorie burn counter. It also comes with a handy ‘Get Walking’ e-book, to get you started.


The problem with this point in time is that if (and hopefully you will) use this disappointment to drive you on. If that’s the case the next high of surpassing your target is absolutely massive. Hence, the possibilities of addiction.






Apart from at the point of most basic exercise, walking for example. The solo exercise is not something that I would highly recommend, for a couple of reasons.

Yes I am very aware that from the early 70’s onward exercise at home videos were massive business and many a box set carried celebrity endorsement to make them even more appealing. And yes they made up a large proportion of daytime television in the 80’s and 90’s. Oh and as if to make even less sense of what I am telling you, if you care to trawl through Netflix or Amazon TV you will still find stack upon stack of them in the free content.

But they are all relatively harmless because all but the most intense would struggle to get all but the less fit of us in trouble. The second reason is however much more damaging. And if you are like me, a child of the 60’s or 70’s then you can#t sit there and try to convince me that at some point in your life, you haven’t been in the front room facing the telly wriggling around and throwing some shapes in a desperate attempt to imitate said celeb, and not noticed a group of your neighbors and friends gathered in the street behind you, all crying with laughter.

Then that’s it, the reputation is destroyed, at least until one of them gets caught doing the same..

But seriously. At the time of writing the Invictus Games are running in Sydney, and if you ever needed proof that there is absolutely nothing that stands in the way of our ability to take control, other than ourselves and our own misconceptions.

If like me you have been finding excuses for far too long. If like me you have been idle for too long. If like me the waistline has gone beyond the point that you think there is nothing you can do about it now.

Then take it from me you are wrong!

Like most people I hate diets, and like most people I really believed that there was nothing I could do other than diet about my increasing size. Not only that inside a month I had lost enough waist to let me be less embarrassed and I had unwittingly not only detoxed my body to the point that I was gaining back my energy, but also started to regain control of my body and perspective.

Don’t believe me? Then just give it a try. Just click on the image below and see what I mean, and give yourself the chance.




The Comune Approach

One fabulous way of exercising safely is in a group. If you have the luxury of a running club or cycling club, or for that matter any keep fit or wellness groups that meet locally, then without a doubt that is a fantastic way to utilize the motivation of others to attain your personal goals. It also brings with it inerrant safety as it is usually much more obvious to others when you are over-stretching even just a little.




Time to Blow the Steriotype

Sure like a tramp on a street corner, or a fag-end in a bus stop. If we want to it would take any of us about 5 minutes to find the local muscle factory, with its resident tangerine Adonis striking poses in the full length mirror in front of the tripple-height and width window. Trying his best to look like a huge bag of slightly smelly, oily walnuts.

But seriously that is no longer ‘the gym’, thanks to the invasion of David Lloyd Leisure and Banatyne’s, the gym is a much more human friendly environment. And is much more professional and welcoming to the mere mortal to try to stave off couch potatoe-ism.

You will, or should be offered a free fitness session before you endeavor to tackle the complications of the many fitness machines. Indeed, your initial starter program should include a trip around all the equipment that you are going to use at the beginning.

You see even the staff appreciate that this could be a big and uncomfortable step. But they and you, know that it is probably the best move you will ever take on your own. And the will make the transition as easy as possible for you. You know like you did when you first started school, or work, you will be amazed how quickly you will generate friends. You will be astounded how quickly you begin to take up new classes and try new things.

Go on give it a try, I bet you will never look back after you do.





The Wanderer

There is one other system, although this is only for the more experienced keep-fitter and that is the Global membership scheme where you purchase a membership that allows access to many gyms either nationally or even, for the jet-set amongst us, internationally. Other than sourcing the nearest site for one of the large nationals, which can sometimes be a pain in the UK. There are a number of Pay-As-You-Go operators beginning to populate the market. But more on those services later.

Work-out Anywhere, is a site by Rundlefit and is concentrated at those with little or no time to put aside yo formally work-out.

The reason that this generally is not for the new to moderate user is the lack of relationship with trainers that the regular gym=goer relies upon.


A.C.E. is another very well-established point of content in this expanding sector of the business.



















7 Replies to “Addiction”

  1. Keeping in good shape is important, but there is also a benefit in having moderation in all things. I also work out, but it is in a different way than going to an establishment. Working out does not require equipment. In fact, isometric exercise and body-weight related exercise is better for you than working with weights and resistance equipment.
    Exercise is the best and healthiest method of weight loss and it also increases necessary chemicals in the body that promotes good health.
    Great topic. Keep up the good work.

  2. I read somewhere that doing something for 29 days straight; it becomes a habit. The hardest part is just starting. I agree that exercising can become an addiction. I would run every day a while back. I would look forward to the alone time and would crave running. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Excersising is hard to begin with if you are not used to it or need to loose a few pounds, but once you get started it will become addictive.
    The X2 by Innovations as you mentioned in the post is a great way to get started. once you know how far you are going and how many calories you are burning, you will want to beat that number each day.
    Great ideas on how to get up and get fit.

  4. I like your article. My sister has an addictive personality and it has caused problems all of her life. In fact, she will probably end up going to prison because of it. Bleh, take my word on this. People need to manage their addiction or else it can cause disasterous consequences.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Thanks for making contact. Sorry to hear the sad news regarding your sister. Please don’t hesitate to contact if there is anything that I can assist in.

  5. I didn’t know you could be addicted to fitness but I guess that’s why I have a big belly. lol Great article you have written here and very informative. Maybe I should get addicted to fitness and get rid of this big belly!!!


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