Apple’s Position in the Marketplace

In 2007 Phil Schiller, stood on a stage and made an announcement that shook the world. By the time he left the stage the first call ever made on Apple’s new iconic iPhone had been made and the future of telecommunication was changed forever.

A Revolutionary but Not New Strategy.

2007 is thought of in some circles as the last time that Apple was a groundbreaking organization. This is a little unfair because the reverse engineering strategy that the company had adopted some years earlier still offers the organization the possibility to be the first and best prepared manufacturer of innovative tech in the world.

Apple had effectively stolen and adapted the same strategy that had made Sony such a success in the 80’s and 90’s. Sony CEO Akio Morita, had spent several years directing Sony to buy up record and film companies right back in the early days of the Walkman and VHS. His philosophy was that if you controlled the content and could assure the quality of the content then the hardware that you build will always command a substantial market share.

To this day Apple is all about the software and apps. To Apple the most crucial part of any phone, any laptop, any PC, is the glass, as this is the last component between their ISO operating system and the end user. It is the main interface.

Ensured Market Share

Because of this reverse engineering system all Apple products come to fruition and grow organically. Unlike all other manufacturers there are never any major roll-out disasters akin to the Samsung Note 8, The only mishap occurred in the iPhone 5, when the company for the first (and I would presume last) time, gave into popular demand. Not only was the initial product not quite ready but the updated software had not been Beta tested. Luckily by then Apple had built up a reputation of success and had a very loyal following so there was only slight impact on their already impressive market share.

So the consumer, not matter in what category can be assured that Apple products, hardware and software have been conceived on tandem. There is generally no rush to market and this allows Apple to build solid and fashionable hardware platforms through which to deliver their main product, the software.

Until such a time as a there is a groundbreaking leap forward in hardware or indeed a totally new delivery system hits the market Apple’s market share will be assured. It may well be that it will indeed be Apple that introduce the next leap forward due to their unique strategy. In fact at time of writing it is general knowledge that Apple are currently working very hard at their Apple TV project.




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