Before the Get/Go

If you have come to this site looking for me to recommend a particular, or even a selection of products to you personally then I am afraid that you are going to be a little disappointed. Not to worry this disappointment may, in the end, save you money. The reason that I will not be so presumptuous as to place myself as a person qualified to recommend a piece of tech to you is indeed why you should be very wary of accepting purchase prompts from any stranger especially in the Health and Fitness market.

Just Before the Get/Go

To the uninitiated it is probably very important for you to realise right from the off, that the fitness and well being industry is comparable in the form of fiscal commitment and out-lay as any other hobby or pastime. In other words the amount of money that you can spend pursuing your hobby depends entirely on 2 things;                                                                                                          

  1. What experience that you have, or want to gain.
  2. How much spare money do you have to achieve your goals.

Quite literally you can get hold of a pedometer, even a digital step counter for nothing and set off in what you stand up in, record your progress on any old CSV, or to be honest even the back of your last fag packet and as long as you keep at it, keep pushing yourself and keep extending your goals then you will become fitter

I will get my hands on and test and review anything from the smallest step counter right the way through to the latest state of the art professional equipment. Everything from those two extremes, and everything in between is relevant in the market and any single one of them could be relevant for you.



Boffins in Hyperdrive

This particular market and derivatives of it have been moving at warp speed for so long. Only 12 years ago if you were told that you would manage your health through an app on your phone that not only measures all of you vital statistics, not only while you were at exercise, but 24/7/365. After you had taken an hour to explain what an app was, you would have been labeled at the very least as a fantasist if not a lunatic.

So you would be forgiven that the boffins were about due to take their foot off the gas for a little while. Maybe even take some time for the money to start to catch the tech. But oh no! I was just taking a coffee break while trying to knock this article together for you and I find myself looking at an article indicating that LG, Samsung and Nike, have just committed £1Billion to the developement of the next generation of wearables, and Google has gone back to further develop GoogleGlass.

Fasten yourselves in ladies and gents, this ride has only just begun.

Don’t be Soft

There is one thing to consider. From the most basic of digital step counter, to the highest end professional equipment by Octagon, and Precore, and the rest. Only 2 platforms have ever made a serious stab at supplying decent user interface and absorbing, testing of the hardware. And varied support software. Here you have to realise that Satisfying, Fulfilling, Testing, Rewarding, have now or ever been in the Data Geek diary. All that they are concerned with is that their data, program ticks the want be of the end client, which in 98% of these cases is the manufacturer. Is it any surprise then that we end up invariably with sterile, uninteresting content.

Just to put you out of your misery, the 2 platforms that have to my mind introduced the most engaging software, much to my surprise are Fitbit and Apple.

Not as Bad as it Could beAll fitness trackers are suitable for at least one type of fitness regime, and all regimes are suitable to be supported through at least one kind of program:


I have a great many years of experience of all of these programs and am open to going through them again if needed. Through my experience I will attempt to put the products that I test into the best suited of the other two categories therefore we will end up with a few comparable lists, from there all that you will have to worry about is the finance. I will also try to influence this for you as I will try to find links for reasonable suppliers of everything that I review.

  1. Solo workout                                                         
  2. Group workout
  3. Gym instructed/non instructed
  4. Personal Trainer


Armed with the data that I will make available to you, you won’t get your choice perfectly right as no deal fitness regime can be. But at least it won’t be as bad as it could have been.







3 Replies to “Before the Get/Go”

  1. Looking forward to reading more on your site! I have been considering a fitness activity tracker for a while, and have been looking at the fitbit. I just don’t like the price of it, and I would really like something water proof I can wear in the pool with me. I hope you will have some suggestions?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. The Fitbit has started moving out of the affordable range it once dominated although to a Fitbit wearer the latest incanation and advances in tech probably seem worth it. For someone like yourself who hasn’t owned one before I would probably suggest that rather than taking a huge amount of time working out if you would get any benefit, why not go ultra budget to see if you could get any value from the full blown tech. There are currently loads of ultra cheep fitness trackers available on

  2. Can’t wait to read about which fitness tracker you recommend. I am looking for a tracker that can track steps as well as yoga. I would also like one that can track calories and blood pressure. It seems amazing how quickly these trackers have become a must-have health device soon, we won’t even need to go to the doctor we will just check in with our tracker! LOL.

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