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Its over 20 years ago now that Citizen revolutionised the sports/dive watch market with their Eco-Drive system. Producing sports orientated watches that neither needed winding or even charging (although charging your watch was a very new progression). It has confused me somewhat that this technology first of all, never really became mainstream on chronograph watches, but with the advent of the smart watch I have been ever more frustrated that this type of technology has over the course of the past 20 years surely become both proven enough and surely advanced enough to be able to supply charge

Rumour has it that the technology lies tied down in some very stringent physical copyright law and the development of comparable technology would be far too expensive for any competitor to consider as it relies on very clever physical physics rather than clever electronics.

Leads, Ports, Clutter and utter Frustration

So what we in the electronic gadget universe have been stuck with is the supersonic advance in our technological portability and its capabilities, tied to a less than pedestrian progress in the manner in which we provide power to our peripherals.USB, HDMi, Micro USB, Blu-tooth, Port, and fast charge versions of all of the above.

With little or no suggestion that anything was about to change, at any point soon. No all we could expect was that with the advance in battery technology and increases in the efficiency of our components, was an ever increasing gap between charges…………

But that may just be about to change.

Matrix Powerwatch 2

Matrix had created a new second-generation solar smartwatch aptly named the PowerWatch 2 which has raised over $1 million via Indiegogo with still 26 days remaining on its campaign thanks to over 4,600 backers. Unlike other smartwatches which require daily charging the PowerWatch 2, never requires charging and has now been updated with new features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS location tracking, and a colour display. Watch the video below to learn more about the unique charging technology integrated into the smartwatch which converts your body heat and ambient light into power.

“We are back on Indiegogo with new features and advanced energy harvesting technology that improves on the original award-winning PowerWatch. Our second generation PowerWatch 2 uses body heat and light to power the most advanced smartwatch you never need to charge so you can keep doing what you do best without any interruptions”

Earlybird pledges are available from $199 offering a massive 60 percent saving off the recommended retail price which will take effect once the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign comes to an end. PowerWatch 2 Has been equipped with improved thermoelectric generators and all-new solar-cell technology, allowing the smartwatch to constantly generate more than enough energy needed to operate the built-in electronics. For more details on the full list of all available pledge options jump over to the official Indiegogo campaign page by following the link below


Approved Food

Camera on a Smartwatch

A quick peak into the patent pending file sees proposals that head off in a direction that most of us had thought had been thought of and rejected as either too geeky or impractical.

But just maybe those clever guys at LG have re-visited it and once again found a nifty little solution. Yes the LG boffins maybe about to present us with a watch with a click rather than a tick.

The patent pictured above has recently been filed with the USTPO (United States Trademark and Patent Office) and shows a smartwatch with the unmistakable LG badge and a camera module built into the strap. There are several variations in design, but they all show a module in the strap, which is sometimes removable and other times not.

The camera itself is built into the wrist band and always sits one band section below the lug band, so if on your wrist it would be facing you. However, the module can be seen to be removable or adjustable in some of the designs, hinting that you could remove the camera and place it anywhere on the strap. This would solve the issue of having to awkwardly angle your wrist to take a sick snap for your Instagram page.

The patent also references ‘mobile terminal’ features, which to us means the smartwatch camera may be linked to an AI like Google Lens. Patent drawings show one of the smartwatch designs using a camera to scan a barcode and a QR code. If you scan these on your Android phone, Google will usually show a page of search results or take you directly to a web page. The bods at LG think it’d be cool if your smartwatch could do so too.

So, will this smartphone camera patent ever see a production application? Well, LG aren’t afraid to try something new. They dipped their toe into modularity with the LG G5 smartphone a few years ago. The G5 was a rubbish smartphone though and didn’t meet any sales targets. LG may be more cautious this time around. In other words, don’t hold any high hopes for a camera on your next LG smartwatch.

But watch this space because you just never know!!

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  1. Thank you for a honest review of this new watches, yeah at times technology keep us confused sometimes that we can’t just figure out what the next upgrade might be, I first frowned at the idea of having to charge wrist watch at first because it got me somehow confused ,I like your review of the matrix powerhouse 2, how does it convert body heat to charge? Honestly am quite surprised at that. 

    1. Hi,

      I am a long way from being a scientist but I believe that our bodies throw off enough heat to be able to power a number of appliances, it’s something that Google have been working on for a number of years.

  2. Thank you for a honest review of this new watches, yeah at times technology keep us confused sometimes that we can’t just figure out what the next upgrade might be, I first frowned at the idea of having to charge wrist watch at first because it got me somehow confused ,I like your review of the matrix powerhouse 2, how does it convert body heat to charge? Honestly am quite surprised at that. 

  3. I like a watch that is simple and easy to read.The image of the first watch would make my head spin. I have a hard time reading and deciphering what all that means.

    But the Matrix Powerwatch 2 is awesome! I love the clock face and it’s easy on the eyes.It’s amazing what this watch offers!

    I love the black color with the interface and the fact that it’s got a camera is outstanding!I’ve always loved LG products and this proves why!What is the warranty on something like this?

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the comments. I believe that LG offer a 2 year manufacturers warranty on their watches currently

  4. A quick and interesting read, I most certainly agree with your frustration at the gap between technological advances in some areas of watches that are in the market today and what should or could be in other areas…Charging your new-fangled feature-filled watch has and is a problem…

    It does seem that there are watchmakers that have taken notice and are doing something about it…I have a smartwatch that is quite advanced and the battery life is bearable (one day) but it sure would be nice to tap into the natural power sources we have available without doing the charging routine (and suffering the consequences if we cannot get that re-charge)…

    I had not heard about the Matrix Powerwatch 2 upgrade model but will be going from here to check it out immediately. The price is fantastic for what you will get. I paid much more for the watch I use now, and it has fewer features (and that damnable recharging/power issue)…

    The last watch you mention in your post from LG is also an interesting possible innovation. Just when you think the end state is reached on capabilities for such watches, along comes the next advance. I do think that as such devices (they are more than watches, it seems to be not fair saying ‘watch’) are the future…

    As AI and miniaturization become more prevalent, and the new networks roll out (5G) I believe that there will be other ways to access information and the internet that replace the smartphones. We are not there yet, but such watches as you mention indicate that is the future. Now if they can just solve that charging issue we both agree needs to be addressed…Our world will be perfect (or much better, anyway).

    1. We seem to be at the point now where some new radical science is overdue. It’s not only in wearables where battery technology is proving to be lacking. The drive for an eco answer to the car is also highlighting the issue, and none of the available tech seems to be capable of bridging the gap in a cost effective or even an engineering way.

  5. Hi; I had never taken notice of the SmartWatch before I came on your post. Even though I have seen it all over the place. It will boost the Watch Market because of its smartness. Just as its name. 

    A Rist Watch with a built-in Camera is nothing less than necessary these days when all types of crime are taking place in public space. Having Heartrate monitoring and GPS tracking make the SmartWatch one item that no one should want to go without.


    1. We seem to currently be in a test it and see position at the moment where many manufacturers are applying different gadgets to watches to see what will gain an advantage in the market.
      The race for the next BIG thing is well and truly on.

  6. Love this idea, a watch charged by the heat of your body and/or solar power. I have an Apple Watch, which I love, but it is so irritating when it runs out of power in the middle of a workout and the charger is at home. It would be so much better if it could just charge itself up there and then while on your wrist, then you wouldn’t lose any data.

    Thanks for the interesting article, and let’s hope that soon this will be the norm for all smart watches and we can get rid of the charging pads and clutter.

  7. Wow, thank you for this review! Am quite impressed at how the heat generated by the body will be turn into an energy form that can power a wristwatch. Also, built-in camera in the LG wristwatch is interesting. With these piece of technology, I can say that I am swept off my feet at how one does not need to go through the stress of charging. Good job Welldone. 

  8. Good write upLemme just say something about this. I don’t really like putting on watch, plus as one of the greatest Apple hater and number one Samsung fan, I’m gonna save and get this watch. This is pure smart, lovely and affordable. Thank you for writing on this. I’m pleased to hear Samsung is bringing up smart, affordable watch like this.Thumbs up to you, author

  9. That’s an incredible display of technology combined with the best features of a sports watch, not compromised in elegance but the advanced benefits make me want to go out and get fit. Backed by my the patented Running on the beach sounds good too. Question though, is the food logo of any significance?

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your comments. Yes the food logo indicates that it has an on-board calorie counter



  10. It’s amazing how technology advances. When the first smart watches started to appear I was very tempted to get one but the one thing that hold me back was the everyday charging they need. I have a mechanical CASIO watch that is solar powered and I don’t have to worry about batteries so I was thinking how cool it would be if they were able to do something similar with android watches. Seeing your article it seems we are very close for this to happen so when this technology becomes more mainstream I will definitely get one.

  11. I will say this insightful review on this smart watch but also will say this is agadget that is way more advanced than most I the market it’s  is doing more with body heat who could have thought that our bodies can be used to run a smart watch that is what I call very cool technology that is going places.

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