Daily Deals-2 from Xiaomi

Gearbest Throw a Couple of Xiaomi Heavyweights into the Mix

Hey everyone. I got up (late after a busy day yesterday) to find that all is sadly quiet on the Amazon front, but better news is that Gearbest have thrown a couple of Xiaomi, smartwatches into the Flash Sale ring. If you are in the market for a smartwatch, at a base entry level, or even something more advanced, these two have definitely got you covered.

As usual, if I have written a review on any of the models in this ‘Deal of the Day’ series, then I will link them for you. If you want o get on with it and not miss-out on the deal then click the ‘Shop Now’ link.

AMAZFIT Stratos / Pace 2 Smartwatch Global Version

RRP £174 Deal £122!!

For starters there is a very comprehensive Sports Mode, including but not restricted to; walking, running, cycling, triathlon, swimming, elliptical, mountaineering, trail running, tennis, soccer and skiing.

The watch comes with built-in GPS and GLONASS support, which you’ll be able to use on most of the work-out modes.

The Xiaomi partnership with Firstbeat is worth mentioning, as this brings VO2 Max to the watch, along with Training Load and recommended recovery time – features you’ll find in a lot of the high-end sports watches. These are good metrics of overall fitness, and having them on board means the Stratos can give you a deeper analysis on your progressions

Read my full review here

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace

RRP £114 Deal £81!!

Amazfit Pace is a GPS-enabled sports smartwatch with 5 days of battery life. Run phone-free with on-board music storage, while tracking key metrics like pace, cadence, distance, time, heart rate and more. Choose from activity and sport modes for: Outdoor/Indoor Run, Trail Run, Walk, Outdoor/Indoor Bike, Elliptical, and more.

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