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Without further a do. I am fully aware at just how much of a pain trying to source the best deal on anything can be, so what I thought that I would try to do in this series, is to bring you the best fitness tracker/smartwatch deals that I can find on a daily basis. I will catalog these articles under the tracker/smartwatch i.d. so that if you are looking for a specific make/model then you will be quickly able to see

Fitbit Inspire HR Health & Fitness Tracker White/Black + Echo Dot (3rd Gen, Charcoal Fabric)

RRP (when bought separately) £119.98 Buy now as a bundle £79.99!!

Original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Bluetooth 5.0 Smart Wristband Fitness Bracelet AMOLED Color Touch Screen 
– Blue

RRP £35 Flash Sale Price £30!!!

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