empactica, Embrace, the future

The Groundbreaking Embrace 2

empactica, Embrace, the future with the announcement of a groundbreaking collaboration.

Tomorrow is but Today’s Dream

Well not anymore it isn’t. The wearable tech industry has long been turning this famous quote by the author Khalil Gibran, on it’s head. More appropriate now would be Today’s dreams are last week’s history, and standby folks because things have only just started to get interesting!

Just spare a thought for those of us who are trying to keep ahead of this crazy niche, and keep you well informed of the development of the technology as it emerges. it really is becoming an impossible task.

I honestly thought when I started this blog that I, was going to be concentrating on bringing you in-depth product reviews, supplemented about once a month with a latest News article. How wrong was I?

Indeed, I have little doubt that as I am typing this up for you, I am slipping madly behind the next development announcement which obviously must be taking place right now, somewhere in the world. For example the release late last year of the astounding Embrace 2. Bloggers all over the place (even this morning I read an article) are still busy introducing it to the world, let alone actually doing a review of it. (Haha beat most of you there boys!). Well they need not waste their efforts, the horse has already bolted, with the announcement of a truly astounding collaboration put together with the sole intention of generating the next giant leap forward.

A Breathtaking Collaboration

DRIVe & empactica

A breathtaking collaboration, in more ways than one. Here is the announcement made on February 19th.

“Our team is very honored to support this ambitious project: it’s a great opportunity to produce novel science and products to potentially help millions of patients in the US and around the world. It is also a sign of inspired leadership by DRIVe’s team, with its deliberate vision to support technology at the service of better healthcare.” empactica CEO and co-founder, Matteo Lai.

For those who are not aware DRIVe, more correctly known as; BARDA Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures, is a major US Government department which itself is part of the HHS, Health and Human Services Div. So there you go folks if you wanted a slight pointer that something game-changing is afoot, there it is. And as far as little pointers go, this is about as substantial as they come.

So what’s going on?

Well as we know empactica, managed to squeeze an amazing amount of technology into the Embrace 2, that proved to be a game changing leap forward in both accuracy and reliability that it became the first wearable smart device to receive a HSS licence for seizure, alert. So much so that empactica, have immediately become recognised as a peerless world leader in such technology. The world-wide positive impact of this little device will only be capable of being measured in aeons, yet to come.

Embrace2 is currently being used by people with epilepsy as a seizure detection and alert system

The plan, is a collaboration to lead towards the development of a new smartwatch device that will alert the wearer to the onset of symptoms leading towards serious respiratory infection before those symptoms are identifiable.

The engine room

Moving forwards using freshly established standards

The recently FDA-approved Embrace 2, has established a new reality in the ability of innovative wearable technology to enable prompt preventative measures against serious, even life-threatening illness. In the case of asthma seizure, the Embrace 2 system is rapidly becoming the proffered method for this kind of prevention, not only in the US, but worldwide.

Discounting for a moment the possibilities of a specific global epidemic. The world-wide scale of community acquired respiratory disease is astronomical. In 2013, the latest available figures show 2.6 million deaths directly attributable to lower respiratory tract infections the 5th highest cause of premature deaths on the planet,and the leading cause of infectious death in children under the age of 5. Only heart disease and stroke claim more lives worldwide than acute respiratory disease.

As the vast majority of the world’s epidemics have historically been respiratory related it is hardly surprising that the general W.H.O prediction is that the likelihood is that the next epidemic will be a strain of influenza, is high. The possibility of a wearable device capable of early diagnosis and therefore the possibility of rapid response and treatment, could prove to save many lives.

Imagine if your future smart watch could tell you your body is fighting sickness before you have any obvious symptoms— and that if you go to sleep two hours early tonight and drink a special beverage you would have 70% less chance of coming down with the flu tomorrow — how would your life be improved? Multiply that by 49M people in the U.S. who had influenza in 2018 — how would our world be improved? ” Empatica co-founder, chief scientist, and MITprofessor Rosalind Picard.

Although empatica, recognise the importance of initially targeting respiratory diagnosis their long term hope for the collaboration with DRIVe, is that their expertise can be used to recognise many other life threatening conditions. And ultimately save lives all over the world.

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16 Replies to “empactica, Embrace, the future”

  1. The Embrace 2 looks like a fantastic product. The sleek modern lines and simplified user interface really do bring in a fresh perspective on an accessory that has been with us for almost two centuries. My question is this: what are the key features of this item? The ones that really set it apart from another watch? I think this post could benefit from a bulletpoint list of these features. Keep up the great posts!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and comment. Can I just point out that this wasn’t a product review on the Embrace 2, I did one of those previously here; https://mywearablefitness.com/

      As highlighted in the category this was meant to be a News article on upcoming advances in the technology.

  2. Wow, this is an amazing achievement of science. I love to get the smartwatch which will alert me to the onset of symptoms leading towards serious respiratory infection. I think it will really help to make our life easier so that we can be less sick. So, when do you think it is going to be launch and how much do you think it will cost?

    1. Thanks for taking the tome to read my article and to comment. I would hazard a guess that it would be available within a year or so. As for cost the current model Embrace 2, is around $250, and I would think that will be around the same price point for the next model.

  3. How does the Empactica work to determine that someone is developing the flu? That sounds so life-changing! I use a couple of different wearables at this time. One is my Apple Watch. The other is a device that measures my blood pressure, heart rate, steps and even my mood! I am not familiar with DRIVe, but that sounds very interesting, as well. I think the Empactica sounds like the future! I will be looking for more information on this one on your site.

    1. Karin, 

      Thanks for taking the time to coment. If you want more information regarding this device in particular could I sugest; 

      I am more concerned about you wearing two devices at once. There really is no need to, unless you are product testing ( I have 2 – 5 on nearly al the time). You are running the risk of gathering conflicting information, could I suggest that you take a look through mine, and other sites to find a device that can do everything that you need.

  4. Wow, I never had any idea that watches like this exist. Technology takes a big step forward on this and I must confess, I’m really impressed. Getting to know that my body is actually fighting is a sickness before I begin to feel it will actually be a privileged everyone would love to have. Thanks for sharing this review, bravo! 

  5. This is all brand new information for me.  I had no idea there was a watch that could warn against seizures.   The idea that this technology may also be able to warn a wearer of impending respiratory infection seems like science fiction.  This would truly be a wonderful way to cut down on illness and discomfort.  Since this is new technology, each Embrace must be quite expensive.  I’m wondering if patients are having problems getting insurance to cover the cost?  Or, is it still in the testing phase, since the government is still involved.

    I really enjoyed reading about this new and amazing technology.  Thanks for making this information available.

  6. Hi Adrian,

    The Embrace 2 sounds like a positively amazing device. Early detection of highly contagious and potentially deadly diseases like the flu has enormous life-changing implications. This is the first time I’ve read about anything of this nature and I’m fascinated. Do you know how soon this device might be commercially available? Thanks very much for the information!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article. The Embrace 2 is currently widely available in the US, but at the moment it is limited for use as a seizure device as mantioned in the article. As for the prospect of a device capable of respiratory capabilities (I presume that this wil be named the Embrace 3), I am afraid I have no idea.  

  7. Excellent post on EMPACTICA, Embrace the Future! 

    I loved reading about the possibility of wearing a smart watch in the future that could tell me my body was fighting a sickness before having any actual symptoms. And that I could take preventative measures to stop the illness manifesting. What a fantastic help that would be and why wouldn’t anybody want to embrace such amazing technology. You’ve got my attention. Well done!


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