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Limited time mega sale!! Looking for Xiaomi Stratos? Cor? Honor Watch Magic?

Then right now may just be the right time to make that life-changing purchase because these and many, many more are subject to a mega flash sale. Just read the short review, make your choice and follow the link.

Flash Sale Act Now!

Thinking of getting your first smartwatch, or fitness tracker? Or had you started to plan an upgrade? Then right now maybe the time to do something about it.

Before we run down the list, please be aware that this is a limited time flash sale and so the huge savings currently available through these links could be removed and prices restored to normal at any point. So act now!

Honor Watch Magic

This watch made a mega splash mid-term last year, and quickly became a must-have for anyone who wanted a high-end performance watch that matched (at the very least), and in many ways surpassed some high end pretenders. The reason? Because it managed it with some aplomb and at a fraction of the price.

Main Features:
● The smartwatch is slim with 9.8mm thickness and it bears 5ATM rating meaning that one can go for a swim with it, equipped with GPS and NFC support as well. supports Huawei Pay, AliPay and bus cards with NFC payment as well 
● It can track activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, and more
● It is equipped with TruSleep 2.0, which can monitor a user’s sleep in eight different patterns along with six types of sleep disorders along with up to 200 types of sleep suggestions
● Also monitors blood pressure 24/7 and give real-time feedback to the users
● Equipped with a 178mAh battery, can last for a week

Even at it’s full RRP this was a must have watch, but with a massive 24% it really should not be missed.

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Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos

The watch with the longest name in the world. Thankfully most people now use the above name as the recognisable name for the Xiaomi flagship watch.

Get Yours Here0

Main Features:
● Perfect Personal Health Tracker: Sleeping Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor
● Ultra-long Battery Life: it consumes less power and can generally standby for 5 days
● 512MB RAM 4GB ROM: provides room to store pictures, videos, music and more
● Original Xiaomi Chip: features low consumption detailed with high performance, flexible and quickly
● Data Synchronism: download APP named “Amazfit Watch 2.0” to save and sync the data to achieve your healthy goal
• Lift or turn over your hands, light up the screen
• Support firmware upgrade 

● Alarm setting
● Support language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
● Compatible with iOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above

The Amazfit, at 27% off RPP really is a deal that is too good to miss.

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Xiaomi Amazfit Cor IPS

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Launched as a high-range, mid-priced tracker. With a massive 14% off and at a cost of £39, this is now a budget, high-range tracker. IPS65, and a full colour screen, a proper no frills bargain.

Xiaomi Amazfit Cor smartband is a device that makes you live in healthier and more intelligent lifestyle. It helps to monitor basic physical indicators like sleep quality that you can know your body condition better. It tracks steps and shows you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals. Besides, you can share your data on Facebook and Twitter, which may encourage you and your friends to do exercise and raise interest in sports.

Main Features:
● Perfect Personal Health Tracker: pedometer and sleeping monitor
● Ultra-long Battery Life: it consumes less power and can generally standby for 12 days
● Waterproof Design: 50 meters waterproof standard, suitable to use at home, office and during outdoor activities
● Screen Material: Corning Gorilla Glass 3 + AF coating film
● Sensors: three-axis acceleration sensor, PPG heart rate sensor
● Pedometer 
● Sleeping monitor
● Alarm setting
● Heart rate monitor
● Calories consumption
● Weather forecast

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35% off the Lenovo HX03F

If you are really not sure and you don’t want to throw your money at this, even at the massive reductions available here. Then the Lenovo and the Mi band, below are an incredibly cost effective way to grab a glimpse of what all the fuss is about

Lenovo HX03F, Your Fitness Partner
Brings you the perfect fitness partner that everyone wants. It is the perfect partner for your all-day workouts. With this, it quite easy to maximize your workouts and keep a better track of your health.

● This fitness tracker can be used to check your heart rate automatically and keep on monitoring it.
● You can also track your workouts with ease including calories burnt, steps taken, distance covered and can also provide you with daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly statistics.
● It is waterproof and can be used in the humid and wet condition. It has a waterproof rating of IP68.
● You can use it as a calorie counter as well so that you know exactly how much calories you have burnt throughout the day so that you can stick to your fitness routine more easily.
● You can synchronize your phone ( Android and iOS ) with this fitness tracker using the App “Lenovo Healthy” and can view your notifications like calls, SMSs and others on your fitness tracker.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The iconic Mi Band 3 always represented a massive amount of tech, in a very affordable budget package. It has been the budget first first stop on the steps to gaining some serious kit. So with a further 40% off, there isn’t much more to be said.

Main Features:
Display sports data
● Display the time, date, walking steps, distance, and calories clearly. Let you know your sports data immediately
Clear display
● 0.78-inch OLED high-resolution display
Heart rate monitor
● HRM heart rate monitor function will give you real-time feedback, let you know about your heart rate anytime and anywhere
Sedentary remind
● When you are sitting for a longer time than the preset duration, the watch would remind you with vibration or a ring that it’s time for exercise
Alarm remind
● Setting the alarm clock on the phone, the watch will remind you with vibration
Calories consumption 
● Master your exercise and calories consumption at any time and anywhere, monitoring your raining status at any time
Sleep monitor
● Are you curious about your sleep quality? sleep monitor function will give you the answer

Get Yours Here

Huawei Honor Smartband 3

Last on this list but in no way least. Another IP65 waterproof offering. This time from Huawei.

Main Features:
● Perfect Personal Health Tracker: heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleeping monitors. 
● Ultra-long Battery Life: it consumes less power and can generally standby for 45 days.
● Waterproof Design: 50 meters waterproof standard, suitable to use at home, office and during outdoor activities.

● Pedometer 
● Heart rate monitor
● Sleeping monitor
● Alarm setting

● The corresponding APP supports for multiple languages use, such as English, Simplified Chinese, American English, British English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, European Spanish, European Portuguese.

Get Yours Here

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10 Replies to “FLASH!!!”

  1. I must admit i’ve never heard of some of these brands so was fascinated by your review on them. The Xiaomi Amazfit Cor IPS caught my attention it looks slim and simple, it’s price is really reasonable particularly for some of the features it has. Certinaly much cheaper then getting a fitbit. Do you know if it works with Android devices? Can you use apps with it, like text messaging? 

  2. Out of all the amazing gears you have listed in your site the one that caught my eyes are Lenovo HX03F. I read their highlights and also some of their reviews and I really like the features and the design of it. I’m definitely going to buy it. It is great that is also 30% off.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    1. Hi, Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article and to post a review, it is very appreciated. The Lenovo is a great place to start, especially at this price. I hope that you enjoy.

  3. Wonderful post and excellent writeup about fitness trackers you got here and I got to see one that will fit in right into my budget. My interest lies on the Honor magic watch and can’t wait to place order on it through Aliexpress. Its fashionable and also be able to track my fitness live, especially my sleeping pattern. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hi, Thank you for the review. I would only advise that you if you do get your item from AliExpress, make sure that you purchase the world-wide model and not the China one.

  4. Hi Adrean, I found your post very interesting and useful. So far I’ve used only Xiomi cell phone, and had really good experience with it. This is the first time I get to know about these many amazing products. 

    I’m looking forward to use them, in fact, they are too good to gift others. I’ll consider gifting one of the product to my sister son. I’m too glad that I’ve found this article today. Looking forward to more of such interesting content on future. Thanks a lot for sharing this. 

    1. Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and write this review, it really is very appreciated.

  5. These smart watches look good and the pricing is fantastic! Thank you for reviewing all of them, the Xiaomi one looks exactly like Fitbit and I bet it might perform better than the actual one. I accidentally broke my Apple Watch screen and didn’t realized that once I broke the screen, even I change the screen the waterproof function will not be the same, yep was in the water and broke it. With my clumsiness, I think I will check your suggestions out, just in case I broke one, I don’t have to feel guilty about it again. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to review my article. As for youe position, I would suggest either the Amazfit, or the Honor Watch magic, not only are they comparable but they are also cheaper to repair or even replace.



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