Garmin the new Raging Bull

Have Garmin really joined the big boys?

Have Garmin really joined the big boys? Or have they just been lured by the latest top-heavy pricing policy of our friends at Apple and Samsung?

If you look at the technical aptitude and capabilities of watches that cost less than 25%, of this enormous amount for a watch, can Garmin really promise us an extra £2000, worth of advance, or should we just wait for the best of the rest to catch up? Which in the current climate will be a couple of months?

Are Garmin the new raging bull, or have they found themselves lead bye the nose into an unfamiliar market? Well there are two factors to consider here. First of all, there has always been someone out there prepared to pay this amount of money on a watch (the market in high-end- overpriced timepieces proves that), and so it is only common sense that there will become that kind of market in the smartwatch. The avarice of human nature demands it.

But even in these mad days of look-at-me, the air is pretty thin up at this altitude and the competition is (by the law of necessity) cut throat and terminal. So do Garmin have what it takes to take on all comers in this elevated atmosphere.

There is little doubt that Garmin, make a decent rock solid smartwatch. More than decent in fact, but a watch worth the asking price of 2.5k? Now that is a big ask!

Needless to say that when I received the launch bumf regarding the latest Garmins, I had to do a double take. First of all having to check that it wasn’t my imagination and then second to make sure I wasn’t looking at the China site and the currency was actually correct. But no to my amazement the
Marq GPS line at $1500 for the base model starts, yes starts at over 3x the price of the iWatch, and goes through the roof at $2500!

Now this is either trend setting (I hope not) or a major blunder on the part of Garmin. Either way it goes without saying that this is a story well worth keeping an eye on, and although there is no way that I will be buying one, that doesn’t stop me wanting to know what all the fuss (and dosh) is about. And so yeah, obviously I want one.

So Garmin, if you’re listening, show some conviction in your product, and send one this way for review. I would not like to be seen as being greedy, so the base model would do.

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