January News

Massive Honor 20 Offer

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If you purchase the amazing new Honor flagship phone the Honor 20 through the link in the side bar of this site before February 20th. then you will qualify for a FREE! Honor Magic. Yes totally FREE of CHARGE!!!

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ECG on Your Wrist???

As I reported some time ago, manufacturers were beginning to stack up behind advances that they had all been working on, waiting for the FDA to inspect and approve even more health monitoring software that had been proposed for general release into the Smartwatch sector.

The Verify Study

Well the FDA door is now officially open, and the powers that be, are listening.

How do we know this? Well the most powerful drug enforcement agency in the world has signalled it’s intent by giving 5100(k) clearance for Verify’s Study smartwatch.

Verify, is Alphabet’s health instrumentation division and they announced the Study smartwatch back in 2017, as a test bed for determining the best method of gathering health related data in a wearable device. The Study is currently a prescription only device and so far has only been granted clearance as a class II device, for such items for general use it would require class III ordinarily. However we are aware that Apple, and a number of other manufacturers have clearance applications already logged with the FDA for ECG software, it now seems only a matter of time before clearance is granted and the flood-gates to the next giant steps forward in the sector are forced open.

Other January News

A Demonstration of Honor

1.2-inch 390×390 AMOLED display, dual chipset, 1 week battery life on a 178mAh battery, Lite OS, water resistant to 50m, sleep tracking, blood pressure monitor, GPS3 (GPS, GLONASS, and GALILAO)

That all sounds like the proposed spec for the next iWatch, right?



Remember in an earlier article I said that Xiaomi, Huawei, would not take kindly to American interference, and that they had already plotted a response? Well get ready, because this is the first salvo. The Honor Magic, and Dream watch, and all available for a slice off the Apple watch price at £155 GBP! To add insult to injury there are currently no plans to introduce their goods into the US.


The watches form just part of an amazing all-in-one product held in Paris, which also included their new flagship phone Honor View 20, fitness tracker Honor Band 4, and wireless ear buds Honor FlyPods Lite. All sporting ground breaking tech advances. Watch out Apple, the Chinese are coming!

Cops Use Watch Data to Catch Perp

Police have for many moons since, used mobile data to catch suspected criminals. Many stories abound of forensic data evidence being dragged out of mobile phones, even the odd case of pacemaker data being harvested for evidence. This time, though, the cops relied on data from a device that a hitman could have removed: a smart watch.

Mark Fellows, who was also an keen runner and cyclist, was given an indefinite life sentence  after police harvested date from his Garmin Forerunner 10, watch to map out Fellows’ reconnaissance of his target, the route taken to gun down his target, as well as his escape route. The cops also relied on data from CCTV surveillance footage, but it was the smartwatch that provided “key evidence” in the case.

20 Replies to “January News”

  1. Well why do they not want to introduce this into the U.S.?   That makes no sense and it is a good looking watch.  So can you buy it on Amazon then?  I have looking into a smart watch/health watch, and not really interested in the Fitbit.  Looking for something with  a bit more bells and whistles.  Any recommendations?

    1. The reason is that they are playing some marketing mind games that Apple and Fitbit use on a regular basis, knowing full well that it will drive market share up as people find ways of gray importing them into the US. Yes they are readily available on amazon https://amzn.to/2RNKSJL

      However it all depends on your price point if you take a look through my site you will find plenty of alternatives at varying price points a favourite of mine currently at this lower price point is the Amazfit find my review of it here 


  2. It is always interesting to have someone give you an insigh on the watch world. I have been thinking for a while to buy a fiteness watch but don’t seem to be able to make up my mind on what brand i should choose and which one I should leave behind. You seem to really know a lot about watches, could you tell me which one would be the best for a woman like myself around 50 that wants to keep an eye on her blood pressure and loves to do aerobic? Is there any watch that can actually check your blood pressure levels?

    Thank you

    1. Barbera, 

      It would be foolish of me to make a specific recommendation to you without knowing much more about you. All that I can say is that Fitbit have loads of models specifically aimed at people such as yourself and you would probably be able to match one exactly to your needs if you read the specifics of each model.

      If you click through from the Fitbit banner on my site you will be dealing direct with the manufacturer and therefore they assure me that you will have access to thier best available prices.

      Thank you so much for your comments.



  3. Technologically advancement in this generation has been enormous. If it’s possible to have a heart rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor your wrist I think it’s a welcomed development. This can help very busy people keep a tab on their health and report to the hospital if there are anomalies in the readings.

    Well written post, thanks for writing

  4. Thanks for sharing your website with us. Wow, technology has came a long way. I used watched stuff like Star Trek and I see watches like that. Now you see them in real life.

  5. This are beutifully made watch and they are doing more than just anormal watch so I would really love to have one as I am getting older i really need to keep a tab of how my heart is doing all the time it will never hurts to have one of these great device at hand.

  6. Hi – thanks for sharing these interesting news items. The continuing advancement of technology and its use in everyday life never ceases to amaze me. Here in the UK, we have access to a lot of Huawei products. They are all well made and incredibly affordable. In your other item, it’s fascinating that the police can use information taken from a smartwatch to add evidence to their case. All the best, Diane 

  7. How I wish I can get this watch in my country or near by country.,  but in a place like US why is it that the watch hasn’t come in the United States. I actually need a watch like this very simple and with some amazing features. How far has it to do with health?  Can you please trow more light as regards that.

    1. There are political reasons behind the reason that the company is not introducing items into the US market at the moment, although I believe that it is freely available on Amazon. Alternatively there are many more comparable watches reviewed on my site, please feel free to take a look.

      As for the health benefits of the devices, well that is obvious.



  8. As it’s going, the rate of wonderful invention by thses sophisticated companies is making the whole world a better place to be. Remembering the time after covering some miles, then cap it with cardiovascular test, I’ll still need to go see the my fitness trainer to go see how far I’ve gone in with my fitness. But all these wrist watches has every single thing in one. From the I watch to others series of tracking devicesBut my worries are the side effects of these devices. I mean the radioactive effect in human. Are all these put into cognizance during manufacturing if these devices?

  9. I use to think the US was a place where demand was always high so I wonder why they have not introduced this into the US. It is amazing how far technology has gone. A few years back watches definitely were not this technologically advanced but check out how they currently are that even criminals are able to make use of them to use to plot routes to commit a crime.

    Its rather unfortunate that people would want to use these advancements in technology for evil instead of good.

  10. It’s truly without a doubt an incredible news to realize that ECG is presently on Wrist watch since it’s a product that try to provide deeper health insights and as an issue of life-sparing potential, it will be enormously welcomed. The cases in which Apple’s ECG watch could be most useful are self-evident: People with atrial fibrillation, family ancestries of coronary illness, heart palpitations, chest torment, shortness of breath of which, ECG will help provide the data needed for treatment

  11. I dont know why I was surprised to read the technology we can get in watches these days. It makes my Swiss Ebel appear very antiquated… Sad really because its a beautiful watch to look at. I also have an apple watch, but not so much to tell the time or tell me what my heart rate is but to answer my phone and not miss calls from patients ( I am a private PA) so for that the apple watch works well.. The article certainly made me realise that the world does not revolve around apple watches or fitbits (bought one of these for my mother for xmas). But I think your article gave insight into the world of watches, not really for telling the time anymore ! 😁 

  12. Hello, very interesting article of news from the world of watches. I found the most interesting article about police catching tha data of criminal`s smart watch. It looks like the new technology can be useful for criminals but I think even more for police. I like your article and thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Hello. One you need to work on your site speed.

    I really didn’t think about the watch blog but you gave it another perspective. 

    I strongly believe that the health industry should look into the smartwatch industry so we can know what’s safe or life-threatening 

    So police in the UK uses mobile data to catch criminals? Do you have an idea of how this is done?

    1. Hi Thanks for your feedback. The police use the same technology that they already have that enables them to access the data from mobile phones.

  14. I only recently converted over to a smartwatch after many years of shunning them – I have not looked back since – it really is a great experience having a device that now looks pretty much like a normal watch, yet has so much more function to it. I never thought I would use some of the functions, but like most gadgets, it is only when you have them that you realise the potential.

    China is now coming out with some really good watches at a fraction of the price of the Apple’s and Samsung brands that seem to be leading the pack. The difficulty now I think is making the choice as to which one to go for as there is so much out there it can be overwhelming.

    Should people take the plunge now and get their 1st smartwatch or hold out another year for things to further evolve?

    1. Bryan, thanks for your feedback. As for when and why? Well the only advice that I can give sounds like a get out, but it really isn’t. As with all technology what you buy today is superseded tomorrow morning, so the only sensible advice is if what you are looking for is there and you can afford it, then now is the time. The market is so volatile that if what you want changes, when it becomes available it will more than likely be affordable anyway. The only exception being in the so-called luxury market, but once again if you are in the lucky position to be in the market for a watch that costs 000’s then the position remains the same.

      Unfortunately it is the green envy monster that drives the market. 

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