Lo-Down on the Garmin Marq series

The 5 Garmin Specialists

Garmin have produced 5 serious watches, in 5 differing specialist areas and have produced a line of inter-related instruments aimed at those who take these activities seriously.

These are not your every day $250 smartwatch, they are very specialised, seriously advanced pieces of machinery, calibrated in minute detail towards specific sports. But they are very, very sexy too.

If these high ticket prices are beyond your means (and let’s face it that includes most of us), then many of the features in this line are available throughout the Garmin ranges. I would highly recommend that you take a look at my post ‘Untangle the Garmin knot.’

Be warned though, they come with a very serious price tag.

At this point, and for those of us that only recognise Garmin, as the well-known manufacturer of really quite good smartwatches and fitness trackers, we probably need a reality check.

Garmin, (originally known as ProNav) was originally a GPS specialist operating mainly within the defence, aerospace and high end, high speed, professional automotive industries. Thus the ease with which they have integrated into the commercial fitness market, they already had the technology pre-developed as part of their historical business.

For several years the company sold-on it’s technology to 3rd-party (mainly high-end) watch manufacturers such as Techniques d’Avant Garde, or as we better know them TAG Heuer, and Hublot, to name just a couple. These iconic brands then obviously produced desirable premium bodies and marketed them as ultra-high ticket products.

Early in 2017, Garmin made several quantum leaps in GPS technology that enabled them to be able to offer massive advances to the personal tracking market. Initially once again, it was planned to offer this technology to 3rd party producers. Indeed a couple of very high ticket watches currently available are powered with some of the latest Garmin tech.

Then suddenly, at the very beginning of 2018, somebody at Garmin, seems to have had a ‘light-bulb’ moment and all external collaboration just stopped.

In collaboration with some of the Swiss, watchmakers that the company already had ties, five high quality bodies, modelled for very specific sports were designed, and almost overnight the Marq series was born.

Before you let the price tag of around $2500, put you off, shaking your head in disbelief, think on. If watches even closely as advanced as these were to be offered to you from either Breitling, TAG Heuer, or Hublot, you wouldn’t even blink if the asking price was 4-5-6 >> thousand dollars. And to be totally honest, they haven’t got technology even close to this in their watches, so please, read on.

The actual price

MARQ Athlete – $1500: As the name implies, athletes
MARQ Expedition – $1750: A blend of athlete + multi-day sport adventures
MARQ Captain – $1850: For boating/marine related adventures
MARQ Aviator – $1950: For aviation folks piloting an aircraft
MARQ Driver – $2500: Automotive racing focused

So What Happened to Value?

A few years ago Garmin introduced (to much initial head shaking) the $1500 Chronos. The reaction to the watch, even allowing for it’s beauty and technological prowess,was from every sane person (myself included) was, ‘ Why would you invest that much money on a watch that included technology that would require you to have to reinvest in 3-4 years, due to it being obsolete?’

Until you grasp the fact that as far as technology is concerned, the mindset of keeping up with the Jones’s is about as relevant as a slice of sponge cake in a crisp wrapper. It just doesn’t come to that. For the current trend in technology (even watches), you have to have a change of mindset. No matter what price-point you enter the market, in 3 – 4 years you are going to have to renew.

You have to learn the same mindset that we seem to have had no problem learning in regard to things such as DSLRs, which command similar, if not even higher monetary commitment, after 3 – 4 years technological advance urges us to re-commit.

No matter what the price, every piece of personal technology represents a compromise. Either in quality, reliability or accuracy. There is nothing at all wrong with the cheapest $20 fitness tracker it is just that one of, or even all of the above criteria will represent a higher level of compromise than one costing $400. And so on until you get to the high-end instruments where cutting edge, comes with fewer compromises in any of the departments.

The 5 Big Brothers

Once you have arrived at the point that this Garmin range just represents extreme high quality in every aspect of their design and production, and thus they are priced accordingly, you can take a much closer look at the 5 beautiful models on offer.

When you do so, the progression of the Chronos, idea is obvious. Rather than trying to produce 1 watch to try to be specialist in several areas, 1 concept has been applied across 5 specialities and 5 very identifiable watches have been born, that each have a little brother (or sister) already available in the Garmin range.

For example the Athlete and Expedition, both clearly have their roots in the Fenix 5 plus series, and the Aviator is obviously derived from the D2.

Fenix 5 plus & D2

What Holds the Family Together

As already mentioned the Marq, is a direct progression of the Chronos, and shares an identical design brief. The very best materials, the highest quality build and cutting edge state of the art components and software. The only separation from that brief is to develop a family of dedicated specialised watches. In the main the component list is identicl, this is what makes all of these amazing watches tick;

Each the five different watches targets a corresponding audience, as follows (EUR pricing matches USD pricing):

Common features:

All watches include the same baseline, which is essentially the features of the Fenix 5 Plus series watches, with some twists. So that includes:

– Detailed maps for the region you bought it in (e.g. North America)
– Offline music playback/storage, including Spotify support
– Garmin Pay contactless payment support (load credit cards/etc onto it)
– PulseOx SpO2 measurement
– Swim/Bike/Run/Golf/Ski, and numerous other sports all included
– Full global database of ski resort runs/maps included
– Full global database of golf courses included
– Revamped user interface for the MARQ lineup
– Revamped Garmin ELEVATE optical HR sensor (officially ‘Gen3’)
– All watches have incident detection and safety alert features (similar to Vivoactive 3 Music LTE, except without the LTE)

As for common hardware shared within the family, included, but not restricted to, are; – Smaller 46mm size (so basically same as the Fenix 5/Plus, not the S or X models)
– Battery life: 12 days in watch mode, 28hrs GPS-on, 48hrs UltraTrac GPS
– Ceramic Bezel: For the Aviator, Captain, and Driver editions
– New charging cable: Like a blend between the Fenix 5 cables and the Forerunner 645 cables

To back up the commitment to including the highest spec technology have opted for a couple of interesting upgrades;

1) They’ve switched to the Sony GPS chipsets
2) They’ve increased the storage up to 32GB – a huge upgrade over the typical 8-16GB Garmin has used in other units

The first is a massive shift for Garmin, and a marked change in direction from their usual Media Tek GPS chipset. Sony, although very much a newcomer had been making a huge impact on the market and quickly became the chip of choice for Polar, Suunto and COROS. who all found the sector leading power consumption of the Sony, irresistible.

Little surprise then that Garmin, would follow the lead of such esteemed manufacturers. Except that all of the previous recipients of the chips had already reported difficulties with the GPS accuracy of the Sony unit. Indeed Polar, and Suunto, both still document difficulties despite frantic input from Sony. Garmin, however say that they have resolved some minor accuracy details themselves.

The massive leap in storage space is a little more confusing, although could possibly be partially explained in the one weak point that seems evident in this release package. The extra space could be to facilitate the ability to store far more maps than initially provided on the watch. You see Garmin have for some reason only pre-loaded local region maps! Thus leaving the customer to be forced into downloading world-wide maps if needed from a third-party. Why Garmin, have chosen this route is something of a mystery and what seems like a very disappointing oversight.

Or do I smell the distinct aroma of an imminent software update?

The striving for excellence is so thorough that it makes itself evident right the way through the launch blurb in descriptions of intricacy repeated over again, and again. Such as the numerous times that Garmin remark at how they struggled to find a ceramic that would offer enough scratch resistance for the bezel.

Meet the Family

Athlete Edition

Feature wise, Athlete is about as close as this family gets to being Fenix 5 Plus, on steroids.

– They’ve improved the race predictor
– They’ve tweaked the daily training load metrics
– There are some unannounced fitness-features Garmin says will arrive in the coming months it’ll support

All of this is delivered on the back of the now familiar Firebrand, making the watch something of an old friend to navigate around. The improvements here are initially subtle although the whole experience is much slicker, and far more logical than before.

This feels in almost every aspect, a large step forward from it’s Fenix cousin. Then there is the one let down. Athlete only comes with a silicon strap (no options), which feels a tiny bit miserly of Garmin.

Expedition Edition

I almost started this section also stating that the Expedition is also very like the Fenix 5 plus, but that would be under-selling it massively. In looks, I guess that it is, but they have paired down the sports features for the Expedition and added a couple of really clever twists.

3 face views of the Garmin Marq Expedition edition

– Expedition App: This allows you to do 4 continuous weeks of GPS track at 1-hr intervals
– Orienting lock: Allows you to lock a heading from within the map view by holding the start button

The first is a long way from being as gimmicky as it probably should have been, and is a whole new level of fascinating when reviewing the data. Garmin should be singled out for a heavy dose of praise for the slickness and compatibility they have managed to tie into the front-end watch data and the back-end review software. It is ultra impressive.

The simple, effective and reliable orienting lock is also a revelation on past attempts.

The added bonus with this variant is that it actually comes with a decent strap. Fashioned in Italian Vacchetta leather, it is possibly the best strap in the line-up.

Aviator Edition

Short of a visual costume design, the Aviator, is this family’s least altered watch from it’s predecessor, the Garmin D2 PX Delta. No real great surprise there as the Delta only debuted last July. Obviously (maybe) the Aviator is concentrated toward piloting an aircraft. Fittingly the firmware is also pointed in that direction. The Flight Stream 510 interface is very accurately integrated with Garmin’s flight management systems and is pre-loaded with aviation maps and airport database which has been updated for this edition.

Historically I am a big fan of the aviator watch in it’s many guises. But I have to say this edition is absolutely cram-packed with so much cool stuff, (far too much to put together here) My particular favourite is the NEXRAD weather radar which is awesome.

Captain Edition

The predecessor for this watch is the very highly rated Quatix 5, and like it’s older brother the Captain inherits many of the functionality of the Fenix 5. You are presented with stocks that you have become very familiar with, such as music and contactless payment.

I have had the chance to have a bit of a play with the Captain, and to be honest I am a bit blown away by it. The main point of this unit is the ability to take control of your boat from your wrist, through connecting with the Garmin GHC 20, through which you can control the autopilot. It also sports a load of hotkey support which enables access to things such as anchor alarms, tack assist, man overboard plotting and automatic navigation.

The deep blue of the Captain

Other notable inclusions here are;

– Current weather watch face, including at specified home port
– Regatta Timer with GPS and dedicated bezel markings using start/stop hotkey

The Captain is finished off with a Jacquard Weave strap in deepest blue, and I love it.

Driver Edition

As far as I can tell, this watch has no peers. There is certainly no Garmin, parenthood with which to compare. I also can’t find any comparable smartwatch from any manufacturer to measure the Driver against. There may be one or two chronographs that claim to be driver watches, but there really is nothing against which to compare this, it genuinely is a breakthrough concept, so all that I can really do hear is to highlight (some) of the features available on this groundbreaking concept.

– 260+ pre-loaded race tracks (see the full list here)
– Race App
– Track Timer
– Live Delta Time
– Auto Lap Splits based on position
– Lap Time Repeat-ability Score (LTR)
– Last Race Summary
– Virtual Pit Wall

Unfortunately, the tester unit that I was forwarded came only in a jiffy-bag, and was not accompanied with an instruction manual, so the above is (I would presume) not an exhaustive list of the watches capabilities, merely the ones that my tinkering managed to locate. Due to the specialist accent of the features that I found, I didn’t really get to test any of them.

In Conclusion

I couldn’t possibly complete an article on this series of watches without referring to the price tag associated with them (who could?). I honestly thought that this review would consist of taking each of the watches, listing the features and then recommending a more cost effective alternative.

The highest compliment that I can pay Garmin, is that it didn’t work out that way, not even for a single model in the line-up. Let’s be honest here there are no bargains to be had here, not at this price range. Conversely their is no rip-off to be seen either. Every one of these watches, in the round, and by virtue of each one, at the very least being a high end item. Some are even groundbreaking, and as such each model justifies it’s price-tag.

As the test models started landing at my door (they came individually), I resisted opening any of them until I was sure that I had all of the watches. The last to arrive was the Drive, loose in a Jiffy-bag, that’s why it was the last to actually be reviewed. Although I did keep going back to it, as my familiarity of the other watches grew, and I would have a fiddle around to see what other functions I could find.

Eventually though, time ran out and I started getting the requests to move the watches on, and so one-by-one I had to wave goodbye to them. Well nearly all of them, despite several requests to move the captain, on I cling to it like a limpid to a rock. I love it, but even now I accept that Garmin are not likely to let me hold on to it for much longer.

So where can I get one?

For reason known only to themselves, Garmin, has stocked all of the models for the Marq series into major, high end jewellers. With I presume the intention of displaying them next to Breitling, & Tag brands in direct oposition, which seems a little bits trange as neither Breitling, nor, Tag, have a history of trying to compete within the smartwatch market. The brand has no plans to release this product into either High Street jewellers or sports companies.

When I am faced with this problem, I usually turn to Jura watches. I have contacted them, and they do currently have all models in, and generally it only takes them a couple of days to fulfil any watch order.

<<<<<You can find Jura here>>>>>

So What do you Think?

Have Garmin got this right or wrong? Are these kind of prices justifiable? Has the Smartwatch just shape-shifted again into the Tool Watch?

Let me know in the comments below

I would love to know what you think about the watch range in this article specifically, or even what you think of the Smartwatch market generally. Please leave you comments in the section below.

Cheers for now


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  1. All I can say is WOW! When I began my search for smart watches I honestly had no idea how advanced they could get! I have done my research and these watches are definitely top of the line packed with features not found anywhere else. I was a little surprised by the battery life but with so many integrated functions it makes sense. I haven’t decided on a favorite just yet but I know when I do commit to buying one, it will be from this line. Thanks so much for your excellent review!

    1. Shannon,

      Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my article and to post a wonderful comment.

      Yes I agree that battery life is becoming more and more of an issue, although I know that certain companies are developing technology in this area as a matter of urgency.

      Kind Regards


  2. Wow what a thorough review here! You really did your research and a post like this is helpful for someone looking for a specific watch, and you really nailed it here with the Garmin Marq Series. These watches look great and I agree with you that the price tag is justified. Of course if you want quality it comes at a price. I have bookmarked your page and will be referring back to it when it’s time for a new watch, which is very soon!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and for your wonderful review.

      Kindest regards


  3. Need to say, it does really look expensive and no man wouldn’t admire any of the Garmin Marq Series. Yes, it’s true that in 3-4 years it will be outdated but not the aesthetics and the style. Who knows, an expensive smart watch like this can also be an investment in the future. From all the editions you presented, I think the Aviator is the pretty one in a woman’s point of view.Good thing you included where to get it. Thanks for sharing. A person in his right mind with of course, the budget wouldn’t hesitate to buy one.  

    1. Hi,

      thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my article.

      Never let it be said that you don’t get what you pay for, but so long as you have the budget then you won’t begrudge paying for what you get.

      Kindest regards


  4. Hi Adrian

    This is great information and educative product to maintaining our time. I have not heard so much information about this type of product before. Such a product is very important in our daily lives. I liked the designs of your products. I have read the whole information and understood that this is one of the best quality product in the world. I am going to check it is price and warranty period also.

    Thanks for writing this excellent product review.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article and to place a comment, it really is very appreciated.

      These watches are not cheap, but then quality such as this always comes with a premium price tag.

      Kind regards


  5. Hi Adrian Holland 

    Your review is just wonderful. I am falling in love with these watches. I think these five watches are the best GPS watch I have ever seen. Specifically the MARQ athlete and MARQ driver, it’s looking so cool and sexy. Garmin watches are so costly to buy but to read your review I really want to have it. Thank you to give such a good review. I will definitely share your post to my friends and family.

    1. Thank you so much for the amazing review, and please share away to your heart’s content



  6. wow! these are some pretty amazing wristwatches by Garmin that you have just reviewed. They all look great and the functionalities are out of this world. I really wish you provided alternatives or similar watches with lower prices but considering how good they are i understand why you could not.

    I would love to get a new sport watch like these, sadly this is way above my budget. but i would love to cop one someday.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my article and to write a review. 

      As for your question, I thought that I highlighted that the watches are based on the whole on the Garmin Fenix range, which would naturally be the nearest you could get to the specification of this line, for less money.

      Kindest Regards


  7. Hi Adrian,

    Great review, I loved the reading!

    My husband is a fan of watches and soon he is going to have his birthday. So I was thinking of buying him a nice watch:) 

    As my husband is a sailor, I am sure he will love the captain edition. It’s unbelievable how technology advance so fast.  

    I didn’t know that a watch can enable you to take control of the boat. Awesome! There is also a GPS and that’ perfect. 

    I just would like to know what the warranty time limit is? Also, will it be possible to change the watch in case my husband prefers another one?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella,

      First of all, thank you so much for your review, it means so much.

      As for your questions, all Garmin products are covered with a full 2 year manufacturers guarantee. If you use the link from the article it will take you to the Jura website, that is the trading name of C W Sellors, who have been a quality high street retailer of fine watches for about 100 years I think. You can purchase with the complete confidence of a full no quibble 30 day returns policy.



  8. I suppose WOW to start with, OK so these watches are truly amazing, I want one, cannot afford it yet!  Love the way that you have slipped in the affiliate links. As we all know beyond the range of most people but join WA and the sky can be the limit. A very commendable review, well done.

    1. Stuart,

      Thanks for taking the time and effort to read and then comment on my article. You never know maybe one day we will both be in a position to afford one.

      Kind regards


  9. A friend has this on her wrist and she told me that it can be linked with Spotify for listening to music while on the go. Since I am a music lover and I like listening to music while jogging, this got me interested. It makes my jog enjoyable as I feel like there’s a background music playing like those you see in sports movies. But before I buy, I’d like to verify with you if what she said is true, about the synchronization with Spotify. Is it true?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I can confirm that all of the Marq series can be used with a Spotify premium account through the Garmin IQ app, I think that the athlete comes with the app pre- loaded, with the other models you need to download the app, but all include the ability to short link to your playlist.

  10. Having had the phenix 5X then 5X pluse which I mainly used them for the Gym and outdoor specifically and changing to office watch during day time. I kind of was waiting for the luxury sports watch to ware all day and night. I optioned for the expedition version for the classic looks and at the same time futuristic look and been loving it so far with no issues. The Battery is less days then the 5X+ but good enough to last around 5 to 6 days. And the fit is perfect for my 16” wrist and I like the rubber additional strap which was included, so I can switch looks very fast and easy. Downloading & installing newly purchased maps takes very long time and many trials to conclude……..any way nothing is perfect and I love the watch……..

  11. For me, it’s all about the value behind the price. $2,500 or higher, if the watch has features and longevity to match its value, I’m all in. At the end of the day, we all get what we pay for and I’d be much more willing to pay the higher price for something if it means getting the better product, so when in the market for a smartwatch, Garmin would likely be high on my list. 

    1. Todd,

      i agree with everything that you say except maybe the longevity point, although these watches are right at the cutting edge, just at the moment his technology is moving so quickly that the cutting edge tends to go blunt very quickly.

      The point to buying such a high end watch is that it’s longevity can only be in the accuracy that the watch suits your actual needs, which is why this diversified range of watches is so unique.

  12. Smart watches have gone to a whole new level since they were first launched. I always knew Garmin as a GPS specialist. I didn’t have a clue that they were a world class manufacturer of high-end smart watches. Thanks for letting me know this.

    I know of some of my friends and family who would spend any amount of money for such high-quality smartwatches.  And I will definitely share your article with them which will definitely help them take the correct decisions.  

    Thanks for this wonderful post


    1. Nick,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to review my article, and I am so glad that you enjoyed it. Yes garmin have been at the high end, of high ends in regards to smartwatches for quite some time now, but they really do seem to have pulled out all of the stops for this range.



  13. Now I get why watch fanatics ‘look’ at their watches in a certain manner!Wow, watches can have such amazing features and technology? I am amazed at the effort made to develop such watches.

    Even with the pricetag, I believe the coolness, style and functionality beats the price.

    This review is very thorough and eye opening. I wouldn’t mind wearing one of this, very attractive indeed. 

    1. Carol,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I am so glad that you enjoyed it.And yes at the high-end of the sports watch market things do get very specialized, and very, very sexy.

  14. I was looking for a nice smart watch, but I had no idea that I could get this kind of value from anything on the market. Until reading this article of course, and I thank you for it. I think Garmin nailed it with the Marq Series. I would have to say, my favorite appears to be the Driver edition, and I plan to get that one very soon. It’s just a little more than I was looking to spend, but value doesn’t come cheap, and you get what you payed for. I just wanted to say thanks again for this article, I’m glad that I didn’t miss out on the Driver, Marq series smartwatch.

    Best Wish’s,

    1. Darren,

      Thanks for reading my article, and i am so glad that it slotted into what you are looking for. When I am in the market for something as personal as a watch, then generally the amount isn’t the primary denominator it is, is the watch what i am looking for? And rather than paying for what I get, am I truly getting what I am paying for?

      I have to say that I have just invested in the Driver, and it is truly amazing, probably the best sports/activity watch that I have ever owned.

      I wouldbe eternally grateful if, or when you do decide to take the plunge if you could do so through my link so that I can at leas pay a little back into the pot to recompense the research funds.




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