Mi Two New Release Dates

Xiami & Amazfit are about to launch

Oh, and all the other stuff going on this week

Mi Band 4 about to drop

Due to Xiami’s water tight (not) security, there is little surprise that June 11th, sees the launch of the much anticipated MI Band 4.

Until I, actually get my hands on one I, cannot yet confirm that all of the suggested upgrades have been put into the unit. What I can confirm is that one the surface this seems to be a bit of a leap forward from Xiaomi, and probably in today’s market a much needed one.

The first noticeable thing is the move away from the monochrome display to a 120 x 120 AMOLED? display. This has obviously enforced a beefed up battery, and the new unit sports a 135 mah power plant.

The plan as far as I can tell is to offer 2 units, one with NFC capabilities, the other not.

There is also a big nod to the work that Xiaomi has been putting in with their own virtual assistant (Xiao Ai), this will be their first equipment designed to interact with the technology.

Be Warned

The new band has been available for some time on AliExpress but this is (as I found out to my expence) not the Global version, and the translate software is yet to be made available to get it to operate in English. If you are waiting for the English version, I will post the link here as soon as it is available.

Get Your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (non NFC) Here

Get Your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Here

Amazfit on the Verge with the Verge 2

Huami, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, has been causing a bit of a stir with its low-priced, high spec watches ever since the launch of the original, and massively popular original Verge model. This reputation was further enhanced with the amazing Pace 2. Both models caused both Garmin, and Fitbit, a few headaches.

The battle is about to be stepped up several degrees, with the introduction of the Verge 2, also due on the 11th.

With the rumoured inclusion of the Snapdragon 3200 processor to beef up both battery life and speed, and with the inclusion of Xiaomi’s fantastic GPS unit, this promises to be an all out assault on the landed gentry of the smartwatch brigade.

Once again, as soon as links are available, I, will update here.

Fitbit Digestive

Stack of sweetmeal digestive biscuits isolated on white.

If you suffer from IBD (Irritable Bowl Disorder), Crohns or other digestive illnesses, there is a possibility that a study being undertaken by the University of Chicago.

Most universities around the world are running study programs around the potential health benefits of smartwatches/fitness trackers and fitness apps. most come to nothing much, but this study (now moving beyond 12 months), may eventually prove to be of genuine benefit.

By using the Fitbit, to track sleep, heart rate and activity, and an app to track symptoms, the university have managed to produce a report that shows direct correlation between lower steps and higher resting heart rate in the week immediately before symptoms of a digestive system flare-up.

Although this obviously is not going to appear on a fitness tracker near you, anytime soon, it is evidence of the progress being made.


That’s it for the news for now. I try to bring you all of the relevant and interesting news as soon as I get hold of it.

I hope that you found this article of interest. If you have any comments to this article (or any on my site). Then please feel free to either comment below, or smash the Whatsapp button, if you wish to contact me directly. I read, pay attention to, and reply to all comments.

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10 Replies to “Mi Two New Release Dates”

  1. Looks like an interesting new addition to the fitness band/watch market, but I am still on the fence about how well these types of fit-bands really work?

    I had one for a while, but I can’t really judge on that because it was from Amazon, and it didn’t have a ‘big ticket’ name. It was hopeless mind, especially for my running, and even registered steps when I was driving in my car! 

    My question is this – what brands would you recommend after the recent studies show that a large majority of fitness watches give the wrong step readings?

    1. Chris,

      You are right that the step readings, even on the most expensive high ticket brands are always to be viewed as an approximation. However clear data is available regarding such things as heart rate monitors along with any monitor that touches the skin, also GPS/GLONAS data is generally very good (in Xiaomi’s case it has proven to be very accurate).

      With regards to products that I would recommend, well I try to be as honest as possible in all of my reviews, to gve the casual buyer a reasonable chance of getting what they want. I also offer a whatsapp connection for anyone who would like a more specific recommendation from which I can get down to specific needs and find the best deals possible. This service seems to be used more by people shopping at the lower margins who wish not to waste their money.

      Kind Regards


  2. Wow there’s a Mi Band 4 coming out, I must have it! 

    I’m actually using Mi Band 2 that I got from a company dinner and even that is already more than perfect for me. Good thing you mentioned about the release on AliExpress, I just found out about it and was wondering how it was there before it’s official launching tomorrow. Can’t wait, do update more on the release tomorrow, please and thank you and much love from Malaysia 😀

    1. Thanks for your comments. I will update the article when I get the links for the Global release. 

      Just a quick tip whenever shopping on Ali, always make sure to check with the vendor that you are getting the Global version of any of their hardware (get it in writing) because if they provide you with a Chinese version, you then have good grounds for a full refund. 

      Kind Regards


  3. Since I read review about Xiao Ai, I have been planning to get one in my next order. I can’t imagine myself wasting my money in  buying a non English device. It would have be a huge mistake. I’m glad I come across this review on time. Thanks for this golden awareness. I can’t wait for the English version to be available on Amazon.

    1. Stella,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and to comment.

      I have many Xiaomi products, some of them the global version and some that i have gotten hold of in their original Chinese guise, to review. I have to say that you are always wise to wait for the Global software version as the items that require the patch never seem to be quite as slick.

      With regard to The new watch and fitness tracker, I should have the links to the Global versions within a couple of days, so why not check back. It saves all that Amazon mark-up business.

      Kind Regards


  4. Thank you for a thorough review here on these upcoming smart watches. That they are not global yet in some marketplaces is valuable information, and I will keep a careful eye now on if they display in English. The Snapdragon 3200 appears to have a pretty solid GPS device which is important in my opinion. Interesting and helpful info on digestive benefits. I’ll be sharing this post with some people who will find it helpful as well, thank you!

    1. Thank you for your very positive comments. Please find in my comments to another reader how to cover the possibility of purchasing a non-Global version. 

      I can concur that the Snapdragon is a very reliable unit, however it is only as competent as the GPS or GLONAS unit provided by the manufacturer, in this case Xiaomi, have a very reliable reputation.

      Kind Regards


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