More of a Match than a Misfit

Misfit hits the mark-again

In these days of knowledge and understanding, it remains a mystery to me that in the world of the Smartwatch, if you mention the name Misfit, in general you are met with blank looks of ignorance.

Let’s face it there are 3 simple aspiration marketing models. Two belong to the western world and one to the east.

  • Horse power. Some desire cars of 4/5 or even 600hp, when in truth we rarely need more than 40, and never more than 80.
  • Bling. Obviously Graphine is stronger and lighter than plastic or steel, but spaceships are few and far between.
  • Specific need. Offer a range of the same product that has a variety of abilities specific to need.

Obviously the first 2 are where the US and European manufacturers concentrate their efforts, and the last is a more eastern approach. No surprise then that the same principles make it into our smartwatch culture with the western manufacturers concentrating on stuffing our watches with all of the stuff that we need (and tons of stuff we never will), along with an array of ever developing, ever more powerful processors to drive all of the gubbins that we will never need (or understand).

Alternatively casting our timepieces in ever more exotic alloys or precious metals that any normal human would never dream of using in the environment that they are designed to encounter.

Both of the above have obvious upwards pressures on cost.

The 3rd alternative, came to being with the advent of the digital watch (remember them?), when the Japanese in the guise of Casio, Seiko and Sekonda (to name just a few) produced a range of identical watches, all with the same very basic functions, each model then had a supplemental set of abilities aimed at the specific needs of the customer.

Welcome the functional, daily watch with all of the functions that you really needed, that if the unfortunate should occur it wouldn’t break the bank to replace with a new one.

The very same market segregation survives to this day, we understand it, we purchase within it, and yet when a US manufacturer adopts the eastern business model we don’t understand it, and that manufacturer slips under the radar and goes un-noticed for years.

Misfit, have for a number of years produced a broad range of models all aimed at specific sectors of the smartwatch market, all with just enough functions within to meet the demands of that particular customer. All incredibly well received by a small but knowledgeable customer base.

A greater aspiration

Then, a couple of years ago, and to a backdrop of mounting pressure the company introduced the Vapor model. This was introduced with a little bit more oomph under the bonnet and considerably more functionality.

It flopped.

The reason? Well that was simple even though Misfit did it’s best to keep production cost down, and even priced the watch at almost no profit margin, the extra bits had forced the price up, and it was probably 30-40 dollars more than the company’s fan base was prepared to pay.

So it was back to the drawing board, and here we are about 12 months later and welcoming the Vapor 2, to the market. The Vapor 2 is on the face of it, a stripped out Vapor, so let’s see what it is made of, and if Misfit has got itself back on track.

So Where has the Vapor lost it’s weight?

Well Misfit, have dropped surprisingly little to bring it back to it’s intended audience. There is one disappointment here though. To all Vapor fans, the touch sensitive bezel has been ditched. Even though it was the one thing that set the predecessor apart from the crowd, and I do miss it, it obviously belonged on a much more expensive watch, and the side-mounted rotating crown is a familiar control method to most.

As for the rest, well unless you match the 2 models against each other you would hardly tell. Much of the expenditure of the last model seems to have been pushed into the operation of the bezel (which was smooth as silk) and the integration with IOS (which was truly market leading).

Now although the apps (apart from Google play) download reasonably quickly, accessing them feels much clunkier than it did.

The old model was driven by the Snapdragon 2100, which even then was considered to be stretched for a reasonable smartwatch. Misfit got around this by spending a lot of time over-clocking the chipset and processor to enable the functionality of the bezel. A large chunk of the cost saving in this watch is in the disappointing use of the same chipset and processor, which leaves the Misfit with a very weak battery life of just about a day, where the norm now is much longer than that.

In a nutshell that is about it. There are fewer watch faces (although still plenty) and most of the functions have been trimmed so some of the in-depth analysis available on much more expensive watches has been minimised which in my opinion is more a benefit than cost.

So what is it capable of?

Get Your Vapor 2 HERE

So after the trimming and cost cutting, what are we left with?

The simple answer is a great deal more than you would expect.

Let’s break the mould here and start from the beginning. If you are prepared to wait a few days, and you want the full experience, then do not toddle off to the shops to buy this watch!

Online you gain the full benefits of the Misfit way. There are a number of choices for body finish, and sizes fro 41mm-46mm, and a large number of straps to choose from, and on the website you have access to any combination. This and a huge number of available faces, really does mean that the Misfit Vapor 2, can be made to look part of any outfit.

I know people who own a couple of watches, and a load of straps so that they can swap and change in any combination, and in this price bracket that it is more than possible to appear to have a different watch for any occasion.

Despite the outer bezel being just a little larger than expected, it is easily disguised by the vast majority of the face choices. You very quickly get over the bezel size though because the display (1.2 inch AMOLED with 328 p.p,i) is quite simply stunning. You would have to have very deep pockets to find a watch display that outstrips this one. Misfit have truly hit the spot here and all of the face choices are displayed beautifully.

Along with the very accurate Heart rate monitor from the original Vapor, Misfit have added a GPS unit, which appears to be just as accurate for tracking your daily movements. The slight downside here is the well known restrictions of Google Wear OS, and the need to use a smartphone if you want to see a visual track of your runs or bike rides. All of that despite the fact that the Vapor 2, has joined the Fossil Q Vednture HR, in sporting the new redesigned Google Wear OS. (Come on Google sort yourselves out).

For the interests of accuracy I tested the new model against the heart rate monitor or the old, and against an independent source on a bike ride. Both units showed identical results and against my calibrated source, I could only get a maximum difference of 1 BPM, which on a watch in this price bracket is astounding.


Another welcome addition to the predecessor is the inclusion of an NFC-chip. In counties where the service is available you can make payment by swiping down on the menu and selecting the option tile.

Google OS Functionality

The new OS interface is much smoother and simpler to use than the old. Instead of having to remember a number of swipes and gestures to access functions. Simply swipe down to access the shortcut tiles. Swipe up to access notifications, and a swipe left or right closes the chosen application.

From the watch face, swipe right to access Google Assistant, Calendar, reminders, traffic alerts etc.

Overall it is a much more intuitive system and works seamlessly.

IOS be warned

Google have still to fully resolve Android’s IOS compatibility issues, and the same clunky interface remains here. Not only do IOS users have less functionality, but to keep the device connected Wear OS has to remain on in the background. This does have one benefit however as with most (if not all) Android designed smartwatches, the IOS user gains through noticeably longer battery life,. This is in the main due to the reduced functionality.

The Battery

Every smartwatch owner (other than those with a Power Watch) will complain about the battery life of their unit. Some more justifiably than others.

This is where Misfit, frustrate me. The battery in the new unit is the same as in the old one. In the 41mm model it is a 300mah, and in the 46mm a 330mah unit. Both really need to be bigger, and I wish (as I did on the Vapor, that they had somehow found a way to fit a 460mah battery in both of the sizes.

Used purely as a watch, a perfectly acceptable life of easily longer than a day can be expected. However start to use the applications and this starts to be reduced dramatically, and if you (like me) are foolish enough to keep the Google Assistant, and the GPS running you are going to struggle to get 12 hours, before you need a recharge.

The upside however is that just as in the original Vapor, it’s younger brother is far quicker to charge than most units in this price bracket. An 80% charge can easily be achieved in less than an hour.

The puck shaped charging unit has also been improved and now has magnetic pins to secure the charging connection.


At 2 years, and in this price bracket, I would be expecting to replace the watch before the warranty runs out. So no need for extended warranties here.


  • RRP; $249.99
  • Body; 41mm & 46mm body available in Black, Rose Gold & Stainless Steel
  • Strap; Huge selection available in website (build your watch) option.
  • Display; 328 pixels-per-inch, 1.2 inch AMOLED
  • Operating System; Android Google Wear OS, with IOS support
  • Chip Set; Snapdragon Wear 2100
  • RAM; 512MB
  • Storage; 4GB (not expandable)
  • Apps; Full Google wear suite & NFC chip


At this price mark, (currently $249.99) the Misfit Vapor 2, has few true competitors. A Chinese watch of similar capabilities (though no NFC) would set you back around $30 – $40 dollars less. A western watch of similar capabilities (from the major manufacturers) would be around $40 – $60 dollars more.

To add more functionality, with this build quality you are probably looking at spending another $100 and more.

Overall in my opinion this is one of the best watches in this particular price range. If Misfit follow their usual trend and hit us with one of their regular sales events, and this watch gets any kind of reduction, then it truly will have no pears.

Would I buy one?

I did! And much more to the point I paid the full RRP. Which for those who know me, is a habit to which I rarely subscribe.

Get Yours HERE

Enough Said!!!


I hope that you found my review of the Misfit Vapor 2, both interesting and informative.

If I have failed to cover any points, or you have any questions regarding this or any other article on my site, then please either comment below, or smash the Whatsap button to contact me directly. I can assure you that I read and reply to all who contact me.

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16 Replies to “More of a Match than a Misfit”

  1. Excellent review of a smartwatch brand that’s unknown to me. I’ve been looking into getting one, eventually.  But I’m honestly scared I’m going to break it during work so I keep putting it off.  Plus most are a little clunky for my tiny wrist.  I’ll definitely keep this brand in mind when I decide to cave and get one though, so thank you!

    1. I hear you loud and clear. If and when you do finally give in to your craving, if you would like some help navigating the minefield, I would be more than glad to help you personally so that you don’t make an expensive mistake.

      If that idea appeals to you then do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will help you choose one that suits you personally, won’t break the bank or even break on your wrist.

  2. Well! It seems a little tweak has been done successfully on this vapor 2. Though I never thought they would build more on it but then they did tried to make it look more appealing to get with the new tweaks. The former was more of a calamity considering the price I got it for but then, a little tweak is always welcomed. Maybe if I decide to change my mind on misfit, I will go for this vapor 2 but right now, I’m running on a very lean budget. But, thanks for this insightful review

    1. Rodarrick,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on my article. In answer to your points, I too have an original and have to say that it was the first Misfit watch that i was disappointed with. The new version is much better and a much nicer unit on the eye, build quality has also been improved on the original.

      If you are in the market at some point, then feel free to contact me directly and I will do my best to get you matched up with something that will not disappoint you.

      Kind Regards


  3. I saw in the video that someone used it in the water. So it’s waterproof, right? I’m doing water sports, mostly surf ski, and I could use a smartwatch. My last one got broken last week. I need one that charges fast so I think I’ll like this one. 

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Kate,

      Thanks for taking the time to review my article it is very appreciated.

      In answer to your question; yes the Misfit is waterproof, and very quick to charge. If you are sold on the Misfit then there is an amazing deal on them at the moment $50 off!! just click the link on my site to access it. If you remain confused as to what to buy, please feel free to contact me directly and I will do my best to make sure that you spend your money wisely.

      Kind Regards


  4. Nice review, I really like to own Smartwatch but there are a lot of smartwatches in the market so it is difficult to choose the best smartwatch. I never knew about the compatibility and performance of the Misfit smartwatch and this article really gives more information about the Misfit smartwatch. I also think that Misfit smartwatch is the best and I really need this.

    Thank you for sharing this review it is really helpful.

    1. If you are determined to own a smartwatch, yet confused which to choose, then feel free to contact me directly and i will try to ensure that you choose wisely.



  5. Hi, I think this was very informative.
    It looks like a very nice watch, but I don’t think it is the watch for me being I don’t ride a bike or do any of those activities. I do walk on a treadmill.
    I see where it would make others happy
    I do like how you can change the strap to go with your outfit for the evening. I also like how it is water resistant.
    Thank you for you information on the Misfit Vapor 2 Watch.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post
      Perhaps there are other watches or trackers on my site that would be more suitable for you, please take a look.
      Alternatively, if you are in the market for a watch or a tracker, if you contact me directly I will try to find what you are looking for and try to save you some money.

      Kind regards

  6. I think this is very informative,. I like how you used the GIFS for the visual of some of the information.

    I like the watch for some of the things it can do

    I do like how you can change the straps to go with some of your outfits for the evening, or for the day.

    Thank you for the information

    1. Melody,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my article and to post a comment..I am glad that you liked the post.

      Kind Regards


  7. I am going to purchase the Misfit vapor 2 for my partner as he is right into these types of watches but has not purchased for himself as yet. His birthday is in a couple of weeks so after reading through this article I have made my decision and I hope he loves it when he unwraps it on the 22nd

    Thank you

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Great news, and great timing. I have just been informed by misfit that they are going to keep the $50 off deal going until June 30th. So if you purchase through my link you will still be able to make that saving, and i have to say with that amount off, I genuinely can’t think of a better value watch right now.

      Kind regards


  8. Thanks for your review.  The Misfit Vapor 2 looks like a sleek, attractive and stylish smart watch.
    You mention the heart rate monitor is very accurate.  That got my attention
    Gee I recently bought a Garmin Forerunner 235 as all my run buddies are using Garmin’s however that device doesn’t have any of the Google or IOS apps.

    I noticed with the Garmin wrist heart rate monitor compared with the same watch but write monitor disbled and suing the Garmin chest strap – that the heart rate readings were 5-8 BPM higher on the wrist compared to the chest strap. So….I didn’t think the Garmin watch was great as a wrist heart rate monitor when running.  So its great if the Vapor 2 is more reliable than what I’ve experienced.  Only 1 BPM difference in your independent testing = that’s great!

    US$249..that seems very reasonable. Thank you for your honest and insightful review, you have opened my eyes to a more functional smart watch.

    1 question, how does the Misfit Vapor 2 compare to the entry level Apple watch in terms of pricing and functions?
    Thank you

    1. John ,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article.

      Oh no not someone asking me for my opinion of the Apple iwatch again LOL. please find a copy of my thoughts on the iwatch taken from a later post

      In comparison to Apple’s wrist-worn smartphone communication interface (here we go again, yes I refuse to call it the iwatch, because it patently is not a watch) then the Forerunner falls back into the field of also rans. As par for the course of the less expensive watches basically all smart functions have to be accessed by taking out you phone.’

      Just as a point of interest that quote was taken from my review of the Garmin Forerunner 35, which amazingly has a much better heart rate monitor.

      The iWatch is around £150 more expensive, and I cannot question the build quality as it is top notch, it has tonnes of gimmicks and toys but mmmmmwwwwe, I wouldn’t be given one (well not as a watch anyway)

      If and when you are back in the market then please do not hesitate to contact me, I will find out what you are specifically looking for, and I will find it and try to save you some money and heartache.

      Kind Regards


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