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Hey guys. It has taken me all month to decide if running a monthly news article was a good idea. Not because a monthly update is anything other than useful on a site like this, but what was stopping me was the idea that the first one is always a little lame.

So, the only thing left is the question of how to target it. What to call it? If I called it October News that would give the impression that I am slow getting it out, and we don’t want that. But it being the first one I might not get away with pointing it in front, or even calling it breaking news. That’s it minds made up. I am fairly confident that I am going to stick to this blogging lark, and saying that, then I will need some regular content fillers, so it’s going to be News for the upcoming month.

Well up until this last month or so 2019, was shaping up to ne a rather dull year of incremental updates. And everyone was starting to snuggle down for the winter. Safe in the knowledge that nothing would upset the apple cart this late in the year.



Are we witnessing the death of the Fitness Tracker?

Fitbit’s push into the smartwatch and health space appears to have been a wise one, as the company announced during its earnings call that revenue has matched and in some cases surpassed expectations in the third quarter of 2018.

“To be frank, interest in fitness trackers is declining,” said Fitbit South-East Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan country manager Louis Lye, referring to an International Data Corporation (IDC) report. Read more at


Just Swatch this Space

Well up until the last couple of weeks 2019, was looking like it was going to be one of those incremental increase kind of years. But just as we started to snuggle down for winter safe in the knowledge that all was well with the world and nothing even remotely interesting was going to happen.

Boom! The sleeping Danish giant that is Swatch, rolls over in it’s sleep and announces that a whole new sortie into the smart watch market is just around the corner. Now those of us that find Swatch even remotely interesting, are aware that they have made this noise on many occasions since their ill-fated collaboration with American Baseball in 2015. And all the noises just proved to be hot-air. So we were more than prepared to let this one slip out into the winter air without much notice.

However, Swatch just kept on tossing and turning, throwing little tit bits off every time she breathed. Then came the smack around the chops. A brand new IOS is on the bench! Well yeah we had heard this before also but then in the next breath it will not be compliant with the current Apple platform!!!

Now we all know Swatch, we all know that they always work better in collaboration with one of the giants. It just seems to be the way of things and prior to 2013 Swatch was always in bed with Apple, and as far as we are aware there is no plan for Swatch to go it alone this time either, lets face it that would be madness having left nearly a 5 year gap in the market.

Surely the next collaboration HAS to be with Apple, right? Or are Apple about to do it again and after introducing a product to market that has raised the amount anyone believed the mass market was prepared to pay for the product by some distance. Then bounce it all with a completely new IOS? Well for those who would say surely not, lets remind them Apple has done this before, in fact they have done it twice, so even though we all hope not, it is with bated breath that we await the new Swatch.

Probably mid to late spring.

Meet the Nexus

Tracking Weighlifting has been a notoriously tricky task for fitness trackers. Most trackers are primed to monitor your energy output during runs or HIITworkouts, where your heart rate is
spiking and holding. But for an exercise like Crossfit, where you’re pushing hard for
a shorter amount of time with longer breaks, it’s tricky to get an accurate

Nexus, an app and tracking band, wants to fix that. Using both
external (load lifted and movement exerted) and internal metrics (heart rate),
the Nexus tracker can provide you with a more accurate and holistic look at
your CrossFit data.

With an
accelerometer and gyroscope, the band watches your movement patterns as you
move from squats and lunges to box jumps and jumping jacks. It’ll count your
reps as well as your velocity, displacement, power and time. The app tracks
your recovery time, how intense your workout is, the pace of your current
exercise and your cadence to find your weak spots and help you push forward
toward stronger and faster workouts. The band also claims to know the
difference between a dead lift and when you reach to grab a sip of water, which
means there’s less fluff around the workout.

Unfortunately, at
this time, Nexus does not work with Android, but it is compatible with iOS 9
and up. The Nexus package includes a Push Band 2.0, an arm strap and
compression sleeve. Fill in your sleeve and arm strap size, then pick from one
of three colors.

Pure Zen


Keeping fit is expensive right? Well not always it isn’t. Not according to PureZen anyway. Beacause they have just announced this bad boy for £29 yes thats right rub your eyes £29. Now obviously this on needs a full hands on at this price before I can say that it will live up to the task but at £29 for this amount of energy just blows my mind.

Just another Misfit

Misfit, have just unveiled official details about the
upcoming Vapor 2 smartwatch. The wearable will come in two different sizes andfeature a phone-free music player, a standalone GPS, and it will have a built-in heart-rate sensor. This useful device is currently advertised at a starting price of US$249.99.


I will give you more on this one as soon as I get my hands on one.



So if you’re listening Misfit. Over here!!



That’s it for now guys. Yes I know it was only a short one. I promise that I will try harder next time.





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  1. Thank you so much for all your awesome research making my decisions easier. Can’t wait to see what the Danish Do with Swatch. Or to see what Nexus through there fitness app. Great information and I didn’t have to go hunting it .Awesome site thank you for posting.

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