Origami Forming the Future

Origami, forming the future. is this a short article? Or like most techie things on release, is it just folded in half? I never did get the Japanese, fascination for folding paper and napkins into jazzy forms but watch out because coming to a tech product near you, is the latest craze, folding consumables.

For some reason way beyond my comprehension the latest craze is going to be taking perfectly compact enough phones and watches, bending them in half and charging twice as much for them.

The most troubling thing about this latest craze is that the manufacturers know that we will buy into it. How predictable and gullible have we become? Now don’t get me wrong, I may highlight our helplessness, I might cry out against it, but in the end I’ll be in the queue like the rest of you.

So What is it ?

Now there is a very good question. Smartphone? Well yes. Smartwatch? Well yes. Bracelet? Well once again yes. Probably the best description is that it is a hybrid device that is a more than passable full-blown version of everything.

The Screen

Quite simply this is a smartwatch with a 4-inch OLED flexible full smartphone screen with a definition of 960 x 192 pixels, which is more than enough even for readability and even multimedia uses. It’s bright enough, clear enough and surprisingly the colour pallet is excellent.

Thanks to the OS developed soley for the device, navigation is fun and accurate. Not unlike the LG G8, lots of functions are gesture controlled making it possible to scroll up and down, and even from side to side without even touching the device.

In all honesty for anyone other than those of us with a good thick wrist, until such devices become commonplace it’s difficult not to confuse this watch for a correctional tag. Despite it’s initial cumbersome look the Alpha is surprisingly light and very easy to get accustomed to on the wrist.

When the Alpha is taken out of its box and presented to your wrist you soon notice that the bracelet allows for a very big wrist there is that much spare room on a normal wrist. It would probably have fitted around my calf more comfortably than my wrist. Thankfully Nubia, have taken that into account and removing excess links could not be easier and the Alpha was fitting snugly around my poor excuse of a wrist within a couple of minutes, and with the minimum amount of fuss struggling. (Many a premium watchmaker could take a leaf out of Nubia’s book).

Jack of all Trades?

So what is the Alpha capable of?

Well be prepared to be shocked because this is where the potential gimmick becomes a serious tool. It is fully IP65 rated waterproof so the selection of sport tracking functions are there for more than decoration. These functions include steps, heart-rate, calorie-counter and sleep monitor.

Like any good watch you get a time function (lol), but other than that you can make calls and text. It has several apps installed including Wechat. it has a web browser, you can watch videos, either directly or via bluetooth as it is both wi-fi and bluetooth conective. There is even an eSIM model that doesn’t have to rely on a partner phone.

So Would I?

In short no. Not yet anyway. This is a groundbreaking device but at the moment it’s just too chunky for my slim wrist, and to be frank with its Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal memory, it just seems slightly under powered to me for what it is trying to achieve. But it is a genuine heads up for what we are about to be in for.

More Folding news

As mentioned above, what we are seeing at the moment is the first trickle of the latest idea. It’s my guess that within months (if not weeks) the market is going to be flooded with folding tech, either through the Samsung ‘invisible hinge’ technique or (more likely) flexible screens, such as that in the Nubia.

Even though a lot of them will be phones, there will doubtless be some watches. I will endeavour to try to keep you up to speed with both, as they seem to be becoming ever more inter-related.

Here’s the first of those articles.

Huawei Mate x

The Mate x, is likely to be the first one on the shop floor to take on Samsung in the folding stakes, And they are even having a pop at the premium price bracket in pricing the X at almost £500 more than the Samsung flagship.

As you would expect the Chinese giant has taken the initial concept and played with it in an attempt to enhance what is already there. In some respects the clarity of thought of Huawei, has been successful. Because the fold out screen is on the outside of the phone rather than internal the X. has a larger screen than the Samsung and the overall footprint of the phone is flatter and slimmer (noticeably so) in comparison. A couple of disadvantages are that Huawei chose to put the camera and fingerprint sensor on the flip-side of the folded out screen, which, because they also chose to only have a screen on one side renders it impossible to take selfies with the phone folded out.

It also seems that when folded out there is a visible joint in the screen which if so would leave the Samsung and its invisible hinge, clearly in the lead position at the moment.

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16 Replies to “Origami Forming the Future”

  1. This is a fantastic article you’ve written on the Alpha smartwatch. This watch is really high tech and delivers really good features. I wouldn’t blame anyone who mistakes this Alpha smartwatch for a correctional tag.

    However, his watch is too class. Absolute value for money.

    I love the humor you add to this article, keep up the work.

  2. Wow! This device is pretty insane. This is coming from someone who purchased their first smartphone only a few years ago!

    I have been training for my first ultra marathon and my current tracking device is pretty remarkable, but definitely cannot compete with a machine like this!

    It is absolutely astonishing what people can create, I can’t imagine what will be on the market in just a few short years.

    Thanks so much for sharing,


  3. Wow I love this smartwatch, I really do. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on it. I have looking for a site to search for a lovely smart watch like this. Having a tracker and looks smart on the wrist. I am making an order for this  alpha by next. week. Thanks for sharing this smart watch article. 

  4. Wow! I was browsing about new Wearable watches specifically the Nubia I saw written about in a magazine yet you had much more information, so I definitely enjoyed your article about the Nubia, and about the new Huawei and Samsung flexible screens. Presently I have a Fitbit Aria because of the need to watch my heart rate and steps managed daily. Still, when I go out I have many other unique watches to fit my style for the evening. I see quite a variety here and will look thoroughly through your site. I may have to wait cost wise on the Nubia, but will read more articles here to determine a more affordable one. What do you suggest?

  5. This smartwatch is definitely a thing of the future. Although I like gadgets like this, my personal favorite is the newest Huawei Mate X. When I heard the news I could not believe it. Imagine what kind of performance will this telephone have. It is going to be worth more than most of our computers. I have a Huawei smartphone right now and I am really satisfied with how well it serves me to be honest with you.

    I can not wait to test this bad boy out.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you for taking the time and effort to read my article and to comment on it. It is very appreciated.

  6. Wow, this is really cool stuff. One of my FB friends posted a picture of a Hwawei folding phone yesterday and I was like, “OMG, I would love to have one!” And when I showed this article to her, she said that no matter how much she loves to have one as well, she just couldn’t close her eyes and go for i. Why? Because it’s very pricey!

    I am not at all surprised that a foldable smartphone, much like origami, would soon come out. I just did not expect it to be Hwawei. I guess because most people have the impression that the coolest smartphones are iphones. After all, who is not crazy about iphones? 

  7. Hi there, I got really excited when I saw origami as I enjoy the Japanese art form. It’s interesting to see it being integrated into technology to some extent. It definitely seems to be an interesting concept though, will keep an eye out as I like to demo devices in the store. With the Alpha watch, I usually keep away from watches and bracelets as I have a similar issue with small wrists so everything fits really large and is loose so it’s great to hear that they have given some thought to that issue with the phone. Look forward to seeing this in the store too so I check it out in more detail.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my article and to comment on it, it is very appreciated.



  8. Good evening Adrian,

    thanks for introducing me to the new technology of foldable screens. I had a big long conversation with someone just last week about the new flip phones trend coming onto the market and it is clear to me now that neither of us really understood the concept of folding screens.  If we did it would have completely changed the conversation.

    In saying that the resolution we came to was still relevant.  That is – the new tech is going to have an interesting impact on the aspect ratio that app need to be designed for.  No longer is there a discreet list of screen sizes.

    What are you hearing about upcoming aspect ratios? How can existing apps cope, will they need to be re-written?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article. With regards to aspect ratio, indeed you are right App developers have some work to do and (as in expanding Apps for any other larger screen) some choices to make. Historically the most successful Apps have algorithms written into them that allow them to be expanded to any (larger) screen sizes. This obviously has not insignificant cost implications. The cheaper ‘get out’ as we have already seen is letterboxing. 

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