Oxandrolone post-cycle therapy

The half-life of oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is an oral steroid; therefore, its half-life is short. Most studies have found that Anavar has a half-life of only 10 hours and is effective for approx. 5-8 hours

Therefore, it is best to take this medicine twice a day to keep the amount of oxandrolone in your blood as stable as possible.

Is it necessary to do a PCT for oxandrolone?

Yes, PCT (post-cycle therapy) is essential for all types of anabolic cycles, as it will help the body recover after the end of the cycle so that the hormonal axis returns to its place faster.

And Oxandrolone (anavar) is no different!

Some of the most common medications used with oxandrolone PCT include tamoxifen, clomiphene citrate, and HCG.

However, women do not have to do PCT, but their axis (in small amounts) is still relatively altered. Therefore, it is necessary to see how it goes through clinical trials, especially to prevent and / or eliminate infertility (which can also occur in men).

Recommendations for PCT after Oxandrolone Solo

Despite the slight effect of Oxandrolone on the body, testosterone production is still estimated to be slightly underestimated. To avoid possible side effects, you should start using Clomid at the end of the course – day 3 after taking the last steroid pill. Take 2 tablets for the first 7 days, 1 tablet for the next 7 days.

PCT on oxandrolone: dosage

After the course of oxandrolone – PCT is mandatory! You inject a hormonal drug into the body from the outside, after which it breaks down its own hormonal background, and if it’s not in the plan of the next course or “steroid bridge,” you need to get your hormones back to the “pre-class” state. It should also be borne in mind that building courses with oxandrolone can be a large sum and everyone will have their point. This means that there is no single pattern.

If we talk about the average, it will be enough for PCT to take Clomid in a dose of 2 days for oxandrolone: 2 days for 100 mg, 10 days for 50 mg and 10 days for 25 mg. Vitamins of groups: A, B, C, E, zinc should also be added to the diet. Try not to do the same thing as in the course. In other words, reduce the intensity of your workout while trying to maintain your work weight. Remember that you can always write to the consultation section of our website and get free advice on any problem.

Remember: PCT should be done after the ENTIRE steroid cycle!

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