Premier League Stars Back Top Wearables Firm

Manchester City players training

Wearable tech in football is nothing new. Ever since the advent of the premiership we have seen a march of data recovery applied to the professional football player, with the site of cardio bands and vest becoming the norm, even during the game.

For years now the investment has been in one direction only, with the tech innovators offering their latest ground-breaking tech into clubs that have become ever more hungry to find the next incremental improvement, hoping to steal a march on the competition.

The Revenue Model

The revenue model in this arrangement has remained un-altered since the transactions began. Usually the tech firm would provide it’s latest wears for at best, a minimal investment from the club in an effort to gain the advertising kudos that the association may (or in some cases may not) provide.

However recent developments appear to have started to change this revenue model. It was recently revealed that stars from Liverpool and Manchester City, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Raheem Sterling, have joined forces and personally invested heavily in, and become ambassadors for STATsports.

The Newry-based STATsports, for those who don’t know, are leaders in performance tracking wearables and have an impressive client list that includes;
Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Juventus and PSG, as well as national teams including England, Germany and Brazil. Away from football it also provides the technology to many international rugby teams and has worked with both the NFL and NBA.

The OX

The Ox said,
“I have chosen STATSports above all potential investments. It’s a brand and product I have known and trusted for the last ten years of my footballing career.
“Knowing the guys at STATSports, I am super excited for where this will go; the sky is the limit. I am delighted to have the opportunity to invest at this early stage of what I believe will be the Instagram or WhatsApp of wearables.”


Sterling added:

“I use STATSports technology every single day for both City and England and have done for years, so I know how valuable it is for getting the best out of me for the team.
“STATSports is just starting to make this product available for consumers and I see this as a big move for STATSports and football in general. It will allow players at all levels to use the same GPS technology as we use.
“In a game of small margins, believe me when I say this technology makes a difference.  In addition the insights from the data will help improve the health of our nation by encouraging people to be more active.”

The Company

“The company has been profitable year on year without taking any investment since inception in 2009,” he said. “What is even more remarkable is for a technology company to achieve global market leader status whilst being bootstrapped.
“The fact our first set of investors include top players such as Alex and Raheem, who know better than anyone the importance of our technology, is a ringing endorsement of our plans to cement our position in the B2B market whilst growing the huge B2C opportunity.”

According to executive and chief global strategist at STATsports, Jarlath Quinn, who also added that this could prove to be a “Landmark Moment.”

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