Samsung Changes up a Gear

The imminent arrival of a new watch is general news, but what we didn’t know about (or more likely overlooked) was that the watch is to be joined by a new fitness tracker and a new pair of buds.

It also appears that Samsung are having a clear out and are starting to file things in a more logical way, because apparently all of their future fitness wearables and peripherals are going to fall into the family known as Galaxy.

Google Goes Fishing Again

As when s you are no doubt aware Google has a habit of using fishy code names for it’s up and coming projects, so ears were pricked up this week and the rumour mill started rolling when the words Salmon and Medeka appeared on the AOSP platform.

AOSP (Android Open Source Project) is the platform used by Android developers and has provided vital clues in the past to Googles next project. There was another code name on there Walleye, but we already know that this is the Pixel 2.

So what are the new fishy references? Well there is a strong suspicion that at least one of them refers to the long awaited Pixel watch. We already know from leaks last year that the company were working on 3 versions of the device.

After spending $40 million on obtaining smartwatch tech from Fossil, Google spent most of last year fending off rumours of a 2018 watch launch. Maybe with the emergence of the new fishy clues we are going to be treated to in 2019.

US surges forward with Seizure Detection

The FDA, at the moment seems to be un-characteristically receptive to wearable tech at the moment and the industry seems to be making good progress within this currently liberal time. A number of ideas that only 12 months ago seemed stuck in the pending pile suddenly are getting fresh consideration and approval.

The Embrace

Early last year the FDA, approved the Embrace for adult use. Now the innovative watch that is capable of detecting the onset of seizures, has been approved for use by children.

Because of it’s unpredictability childhood epilepsy is one of the most stressful debilities that any family to cope with. Parents have been known to sleep on the floor of their child’s bedroom just in-case of a seizure. Children can’t swim in deep water, in some cases even take a bath on their own, such is the restrictive nature of this indiscriminate illness.

“Not knowing when the next seizure will occur can create significant anxiety for the child with epilepsy and their family members,” says Anup Patel, section chief of neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Now there have been many attempts to predict seizures over the years, indeed there are now a few smartwatches on the market that claim a certain amount of success within this emerging technology, but the Embrace is the first device to receive the backing of the FDA. The reason that at the moment it is the only device to receive such backing is the whole package of capabilities presented to the customer.

The Embrace is as unobtrusive as any modern smartwatch and yet packs quite a punch. The company have deep dived into the effects of epilepsy, the measure that can currently be put in place to bring some aspect of normality and quality of life, and freedom of choice to not only the epilepsy sufferer, but their families, and more specifically the parents of sufferers. And researched where the holes in those services are, and how to fill them.

The watch detects the movements and electrical pulses in the skin associated with seizures for many people. When it suspects a seizure, it sends an alert to a caregiver’s cell phone, along with GPS data so the wearer can easily be found. It also stores data and analyses sleep and activity patterns, which could help patients and their doctors better understand when and why a seizure might happen on any given day. It’s battery life of around 48 hours which is a little restrictive, although a half charge (enough for a days use) should only take around 30 mins.

Currently passed for use for children over the age of 6. The embrace is only available on prescription, for an initial outlay of $250 and with a monthly subscription of $10 it may seem a little pricey but when weighed up against the current best other options, it certainly seems to be an advance that brings piece of mind for everybody. After all the only other viable methods include a medically inserted device or the most popular option over current years has been the epilepsy trained dog, which has proven to be ultra reliable in everything other than picking up the phone for help.

The New Buzz Word: Bioimpedance

So your too busy to make the gym every day? Your schedule makes it difficult to work out. Well yes even the most eager of fitness addicts have their resolution to keep to any fitness regime tested because of the pressure of modern life, and that is something that most fitness trackers and their programs suffer to support.

Now though there is the promise of a different, more flexible way forward. The Aura fitness tracker is capable of measuring how your body is doing right throughout the day, Bioimpedance is the method of measuring your body composition in 4 ways fat, muscle mass, minerals, and body water.

Simply make a loop with your hands around AURA Band, tap the device two times and then hold for five seconds. This creates a low-voltage electrical signal for an active and reactive measurement of the resistance of your tissues. Along with your age, gender, and weight information, AURA Band can then determine body composition and hydration level data.

No matter what your personal goals are, building muscle, losing weight, the Aura now gives you data that you can measure rather than the visuals of the mirror or scales.

The data provided through the Aura band makes it easy and simple to set your fitness goals and then accurately track your progress. Enabling you to quickly establish which activities are working for you and which are not. Giving you the ability to achieve your outcomes much quicker.

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