The Ever Changing Galaxy

Will this be what we see from Feb 20th?

If you ignore the Applewatch, and maybe the Fitbit, then the most popular affordable? smartwatch would more than likely be the Samsung Gear. If you go 1 step further and reduce your target market into Men, who wear chronograph sports watches, you would almost hit 100%, if you presented them with the Gear. The reason for this amazing market share has always been seen as the almost unified admiration and design of the besel.

So why on earth would Samsung drop that iconic product design?

Why on earth would Samsung be willing to join the ever maddening crowd?

Well that is exactly what appears to be about to happen, if the latest renders available on Inleaks, are to be believed.

Now any of you that know me will attest to the fact I love the Gear, indeed I have 2, (long story), one of which is currently my go to daily driver, and the Galaxywatch (I only have one of those.

Now I could admit to being shallow, and own up to the fact that how the watches look, with that chunky tactile bezel was the main attraction for me. And to be totally honest with you, that would only be partially true. In the case of the Samsung watches, that big juicy, chunky piece of metal that is the bezel serves a very practical purpose.

Yes as in a genuine divers/pilot watch the bezel performs a proper purpose. It is actually an incredible, logical, and speedy way to interact with the additional functionality of the watch. Making selecting, controlling, and interacting with all of the smartwatch functions.

Indeed the Tizen OS, that was designed specifically to work with Samsung’s watches, is designed with this bezel control system as a central design requirement. Nobody has been leaked that a way around this was requested, but if the renders are right then a work-around must have been found.

One clue maybe available upon taking a closer look at the unofficial renders. If you look carefully you can see that the face glass appears to be slightly more raised than would normally be considered.

A Catalogue of Mishap

It wasn’t so long ago that many of us would be waiting with baited breath for CES, and all the wonders that would reveal, all of the tasters, all of the insight into what to expect next, Especially from the big manufacturers, because if Apple, if Samsung, LG, or Microsoft, were showcasing something then it really was about to happen.

A little less so now though. As Apple, seem to have lost not only their market lead, but also their way. And for the past few years Samsung has withdrawn, indeed this time the Korean giant was only represented with a wholesalers stall.

So since 2013, when Samsung, were either made less welcome, or made to remove themselves, their product launch has always taken place just after CES, usually mid-late February, and so this became a major focal point for us ‘what’s next’ seekers.

What happened next damaged Samsung, their reputation, their market share, their brand loyalty, and more importantly for me, and many others, they lost our eagerness to find out what is next.

First of all there was the spectacle of the exploding phones. The list of excuses ran through all of the components and yet a cause was never really identified to the public. There was also a massive resistance to correcting the problem through refund to the customer.

The final oops, was the advent of bendy screens and the new amazing folding phone. The launch phone later proving to be nothing but a non-working model, followed by several differing official sneak renders


Since then the Korean company has regained much of it’s market share and repaired some of it’s badly damaged reputation. But you are going to have to excuse me for my lack of excitement, my lack of anticipation, for the upcoming Samsung launch on 20th February, but I guess only time will tell.

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  1. Yes it is I, the apple watch hater. However in my defense I like to save money and I don’t particularly wear watches often, but when I do I think it would be a Samsung watch. I like the background you gave on the Korean makers and I agree I am bias and I hate big chunky things on my wrist but if it serve a purpose I cant refuse then it is on my wishlist Santa!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Adrian,I really liked the anticipated rollout of samsung smart watch that will be launching on 20th of Feb.  Im very excited to what is in store.  My family uses Samsung phones since it is relatively more inexpensive than iPhones and great value.I believe that it will a lot better than its predecessor and worth the wait.

  3. Thanks for your review on the ever changing Galaxy. A next to 100% market share is an amazing feat and almost a monopoly. Are you saying that this phone will be no longer produced? By the way, do you have the S2 with rotating bezel? These modern smartwatches come real close to smartphones and you wonder how far they may come. Some even have a call function, does this Gear have one? Or is this the reason that a new one has been developed?

    1. Hi Jerry, 

      Thanks for your comments. Yes I do have the S2 and it’s quite  a capable unit. I am sure that the drive in the future is aimed more and more towards our personal technology being mainly worn rather than carried. Infact if you take a look through more of my site you will see that I have started to show pending patents when I can get hold of them.

  4. Samsung has been a brand of quality in the past, however,  recent mishap has left a lot of customers in doubt of their capacity to deliver. I would like to give them benefit of doubt on the launch of their new product and see what come out of it.I am quite optimistic that there would be no challenges similar to what has been experienced before.

  5. I think the main draw with the Samsung watch is the fact that it’s price is so much more realistic when compared to Apple’s standard entry price. Although like you, I don’t really understand why they are updating their model in this fashion. 

    I have looked into this subject and it does seem that Samsung have added some cool features that not all reviews have chosen to cover. For this alone, I’m quite excited to see what they’ve come up with! 

  6. I believe what happened to Samsung is what happens to most of big blands when they are on the top of the their game something goes wrong and with that their reputation is dented their market share falls but they always pick up so Samsung will rise again. And 20 th is the beginning of the their way back.

  7. Once more I land on your post again, as I promised to follow up on your informative post, I heard about the Samsung trending watch but I did not have adequate information about it, personally I have come to like the idea that the wrist watch are taking over, they are of more similar to the smartphone in the market with now having more added value, this makes it even more interesting and as I am in search of a digital wrist watch for my uncle, I believe I will come up with a great product, I wish the watch would be from the Samsung brand, I really appreciate for this post as I look forward to learn more about them, thank you.

    Ftom Joy.

  8. Hi,I have read the whole review about this.There are many haters of Apple Watch.I am also hate the apple watch.Apple watch is a new smartwatch that operates as a small “Wearable Computing” device on a user’s wrist.Samsung is trying to make a splash with the Galaxy watch but faces stiff competition from the apple watch.The apple watch has a square face while the Galaxy watch is round.Both the watches are waterproof and can be worn while swimming. Thanks for sharing this topic.

  9. I would prefer a Samsung smart watch over an apple watch come rain and sun. The Samsung smartwatch is far more affordable than that of Apple, the Samsung Gear S2 can be used with can be used with another device whereas the apple doesn’t. I don’t think the apple smartwatch can be wanted as much as the Samsung, although everyone’s choice is different. 

  10. Hi! Yes, those explosions really damaged the companies brand loyalty. And their answer to that adverse scenario was not the best and it added to them falling a bit further.

    But I still wait with anticipation this next 20th February. I still get excited. I must admit not with the same eagerness, but still excited.

    It would be interesting to see a bendy screen. But we may still have to wait for that.

  11. The new era of watches is here, I love all these new designs and features watches have these days.  I am definitely a Samsung brand lover over apple.  Apple is just so controlling.

    This particular watch looks really sexy!  And you say it is easy to control and serves its purpose, like all Samsung products, they rock.  So is it really a divers watch?  I don’t care what people say, I like this design of the watch, I am going to check it out.

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