The Little Green Man and Me

It’s been a while, I know.

And yes, yes there is lots of news to bring you, and a stack of reviews that I need a step-ladder to reach, but all in good time.

I thought that I would take this time to explain why my chaotic life sometimes causes gaps in my material.

As you all know I suffer from Fibro, and despite this all seemed to be trucking on nicely I know. But last week was always going to be a challenge and so I put together a careful plan to deal with the busy week.

The Plans of Mice & Men

I know, I know that planning is the key, and to be fair, with Fibro, often the downfall, but on this occasion I thought that I had it covered.

I have an 8yr old daughter, who I only see every other weekend, and being 8, she fails to see that daddy only has a limited amount of energy to spare, and she always takes up every last drop. So you will notice that after I have taken her home on a Sunday evening, it usually takes me a couple of days to get back up to speed. I tend to drop into, and out of the site, up until around Wednesday, when it is usually all guns blazing to get my material to you guys.

Things were complicated further because I had a bit of a chill, and so wasn’t exactly operating with a full deck, and I had my first group CBT session to look forward to on Friday, the worry of which probably helped to tip me into a bit of a Fibro, Fog.

Anyway, even though the CBT, was exhausting (as per usual I took the lead, and played the performing seal), but ultimately it was a very uplifting and positive thing to do. And i can’t wait for this Friday’s session. The positivity of the session gave me hope that I would be able to deal with the next task.

Saturday, came around, and this week brought with it the prospect of guiding a block of wood (commonly know as the step-son) through his first University Open Day experience, (how wrong could I be?).

The off-switch seems to have been thrown the night before, because his starter motor wouldn’t kick into action until he had made dam sure that before we set off, we were already an hour behind schedule.

Enter the Green Man (and my childish streak)

The car journey was relatively peaceful, and I managed to kid myself that it was after all going to be a fairly comfortable day of information gathering and ambition building. LOL I really should have known better.

All was well until we arrived at the registration tent and picked up the obligatory guide and goody gathering bag. Que the onset of the hissy-fit, storming-off, arms waving and tears session.

Why does this generation demand that they are so much more mature than we were at that age? So much more prepared for the world? So much better socially and emotionally mature? An the insist on becoming 11 as son as they are out of their comfort zone?

Any way, being the child and Magpie, that i am, I thought that i would lighten the mood slightly, and off I set upon my mission. I had only taken a few steps into the first building and was stopped in my tracks by a bank of 3D printers. I love 3D printing, and how I have managed to not buy one yet, remains a point of personal satisfaction.I was transfixed, I well outstayed my welcome, watching on like a kiddie looking through a petshop window.

And there on the top of the printers he was, standing there just oozing ‘go on, put me in your pocket’, and so I did.

My day was already lighter

Out I came, brandishing my newfound friend, and hoping that my excitement would at least stop the tears………….I was wrong, but already beyond caring. I knew that this blob infront of me, this jelly, wanted me to drag him around this huge campus, from one department to the other, just for him to poo-poo everything, miss out on what he had come for, and then be able to point the fickle finger of blame at me.

No Way Hoss

So, I shrugged my shoulders, put away my new friend and took out my camera. I was not going to play that game, what i was going to do was wander around behind the mood on legs, gently taking pictures of what was a beautiful day. OK every now and then I had to gently prod the ‘ I know it all, it’s on the web’ in the general direction of something that he really needed not to miss out on.

The Penny Drops & the Mood Changes

After about an hour or so,of gently corralling the grumbling teenager towards the department that for weeks he had insisted he wanted to visit, and dropping him down in front of the admin for the course that he insists he not only wants to do, but knows he will get the grades for. A bomb goes off in his head, when he finds out that contrary to his beliefs, the course did indeed require an end of course exam (I know, I had my doubts too), and even if he attains the improvement that his efforts have so far deemed him incapable of, he would fall well short of the minimum requirements and face a battle royal to get accepted on the course.

About half-an-hour, of mulling that information around, and trying, but failing (even in his world) to blame everybody (UCAS,his mates, his teachers,the prospectus (which it later proved false, had given him a false indicator of what he needed) but himself, suddenly he realised that he was not going to acheive this on FIFA, but rather he was actually going to have to put in a massive amount of effort to get what he wanted.

And Their Off!!!

The next 3 hours were spent at break-neck speed running from one end of the campus to the other desperately trying to get into every possible department, to see every possible talk and investigate any possible angle or opportunity that was possible to eagerly gather up as much information and open as many gateways as he could. Bingo!

The Weary Hero.

After all of that this weary hero couldn’t even manage all of the drive home. my partner had to take that responsibility off me and let me sleep in the passenger seat.

It has taken me a few days to recover but now, you will (I hope) be glad to know that i am back, and firing on all cylinders.


There, I got that out of my system. I honestly hope that you enjoyed my article, even though it was a bit off track. I hope that for those of you who have let me know that you enjoy me at my best when I am on one, that it was ranty enough for you.

Either way i always look forward to the comments, so please leave one below, or as many of you now seem to do, hit the Whatsapp button and speak to me that way.


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