The Utilitarians

Looking for something more practical?

If you are looking for something that even appears more practical. Something that not only wouldn’t look out of place on the building site, but actually would be more at home there and in everyday use.

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Then the Alfawise DX26, may be just exactly what you have been waiting for. Not only does it it look tough, it is tough, and waterproof, and even if your life is so tough that you break it (highly unlikely). It is within the budget of a hearty lunch, so you will be up and running again in no time at all.

And with this much functionality
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Multiple functions

  • Timing, date, and stopwatch functions.
  • Supports steps counting, incoming call, and short message remind.
  • Message notification from Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, and other social media.
  • Take photos in remote: Push watch buttons to take photos via mobile phone.
  • 50 meters underwater available: Waterproof can wear it while hand washing and shallow water swimming.
  • No need to charge power, standby over 12 months: CR2430 standard button battery, no need of everyday USB cable charge.
  • Compatible with plenty of APPs: All APPs available for Android 4.4 (or higher) and iOS 8.0 (or higher) can be installed on Alfawise DX26 smartwatch.

You have no reason to miss-out on the functionality of your precious flagship model. Even if you are lucky enough to own one. It really is, as you can see, all there.

With it’s green ‘night-site’ illumination, available in military green or black, traditional ‘chronograph’ display, this watch is designed to look more like a G-Force, than a G-Force. And it pulls it of with ease.

With the rugged, tough design and all of this functionality and at less than £20 quid! Come on I really cannot see the argument against this if it falls into the arena of what you are looking for.

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Casio’s Little Gem

The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

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There was a Time

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s when 3 companies occupied the mid-range (certainly men’s) watch market. Casio, Seiko and Sekonda, and they dominated between them the Jeweller’s mid-range shelves for both dress and outdoor watches. To the point that either one of the 3 names had slipped into the English language to such a degree, that the use of any of the great company names could, and indeed would be eagerly accepted to mean WATCH.

It was no surprise then, that with the demise of the wristwatch the fortunes of all 3 of these corporate giants came under some scrutiny, and they all suffered. The strategy of all 3 was to survive the downturn by buying up smaller specialist watchmakers. Only Sekonda, made anything like a success of this, and they still hold a major influence in the dress-watch market, and a major slice of most of the mid, to high end producers that still command a major section of high street shelves. The fortunes of the other 2 have been noticeably more temperamental, with Casio CEO
Kazuo Kashio , admitting in 2012, that the company had found the previous 15 years problematic, and had re-invented itself several times unsuccessfully.

What was a surprise, was that neither Casio, or Seiko, who had both been heavily involved with the first digital watches back in the day, hadn’t gotten themselves involved in the early days of the smartwatch. Especially Casio with it’s reputation in other areas of consumer electronics. I have been told by an industry insider that both companies had initially considered collaborating in a joint R&D exercise and that they did produce a prototype, but that venture failed because both companies viewed the idea as a bit of a ‘Johnny come Lately’ fad with little or no future.

Sat un-loved on a desk

Then back in 2015, something that should have made the world sit up and take notice happened. Casio, jumped into the smartwatch sector, and not just dipping their toe in either. No they took their shoes off rolled up their trousers and leapt in with both feet. Unfortunately they didn’t make much of a splash. Despite decent styling and the usual Casio quality their new range of smartwatches created a bit of a ripple of anticipation, but then it was soon gone. Even their flagship models the ProTrek, range made little noise.

The reason was that even though the styling was on-trend, and even though the Casio programmers had been busy and clever in designing a really diverse application platform, Casio, had fallen into one of it’s historic holes and had purchased sub-standard third-party parts and software . They had purchased an older version of OSWear, which was way too power hungry for both the processor which was under powered, and the small battery, so charge intervals were ridiculously short.

It is because of this pre-text that I shamefully admit that the arrival of the package containing the Pro Trek WSD-F30, was greeted with a rueful moan, and the package was tossed un-opened and un-inspected for a couple of months at least.

My Latest Fave Watch

It was about a month ago now, whilst kicking my heals at home, wondering what to do with the day, and feeling all un-inspired to do anything other than maybe go for a ride on my unicycle that I realised that my Honor, needed charging. So not willing to wait for the Watch Magic, to do it’s thing, I grabbed for the unwanted Casio, still in it’s postal packaging.

Sometimes my impatience is my greatest asset, because the next couple of hours were a buzz, and for a change it was only partially because of the ride. I managed to fall off my unicycle a couple of times (which hasn’t happened for a while), but that was because i wasn’t looking at what i should have been. I was far too busy playing with the new toy on my wrist. Eventually i took an extended break about halfway through my ride (now that is a first) to sit down and have a play.

The Casio, has so many toys on it, the App catalogue is massive, extensive and has your back no matter what your doing. It even has a fish locator f.f.s! And as hard as I tried then (and have tried since) I just could not get this watch to miss a beat. All of the weaknesses of the F20 have been tackled head-on, and resolved. I have more toys than I can cope with, I am not one for leaving my watch in standby, and I am an habitual fiddler, and yet still I get 5 days (at worst) out of the battery. The processor is huge and handles everything that the latest version of WearOS, can throw at it while barely ticking over.

This watch is my new best friend.

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Casio being Casio

Casio being Casio, there has to be a downside, there has to be something missing. Well your right, and no they don’t let us down, there are a couple of big ones that before you splash out the biggest part of £500 quid, you should take a note of.

First things first. If I were in a shop and looking to buy a watch worth £500 quid or so, if I was to pick up the Casio, the fact that it has a plastic strap would force my impulse to look no further than that point, and more likely than not I would put it back on the shelf and move along.

Let me just say, that impulse in this case would be a very, very bad thing. The plastic strap is really well designed and not once did it pinch, chafe or feel anything but exactly the right choice for this watch and the circumstances in which it is meant to be used.

There is no NFC, which seems to be a standard on watches in this price bracket. Although I have to say that if your using this watch for what it was made for you’ll not find many places you would have found NFC a positive.

And weirdest of all (at first glance) there is no heart rate monitor! It is at this point that you have to take a step back, and look at this watch again. You should realise that this watch isn’t really made to play in the gym, or sit at home feeling sorry for yourself, no. This is a proper nod in the direction of the good old sports chrono, or even diving watch. Anyway this watch was meant to be on your wrist when your out there involved. In most places that this watch is meant to be useful your heart should be trying to beat out of your chest, or your stomach trying to weld itself to the inside of your skull. If you really want to measure your pulse in those scenarios there are much more accurate ways of doing so than something loosely strapped to your wrist.

For all of that, my honest opinion is that in this price range this watch is just about the best bang-for-your-buck in the market right now.

Oh and Casio, if your listening, send me a spare for when I break this one!

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16 Replies to “The Utilitarians”

  1. Oh Casio is nice looking, but somehow I prefer the Alfawise! I was searching for a smart sport watch that compatible with my Samsung Galaxy. Is it compatible?  What is the approximate budget for it? I hope there is a special deal in the near time because I’m looking forward to wear a cool smart watch. Thanks for your information

    1. Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to review my article. As for the Alfawise, yes it is Android compatable and so would work with your Galaxy. And it is currently on offer, I think that if you follwo the link in the article it is available for around 17GBP.

  2. The CASIO PRO TREK smart Promotion video you dropped is well explicit and its top quality. I particularly love Casio wrist watches, they really last very long and they give little or no issues. Even if it falls inside the water, most of them are water resistant. The eighteen functional display characteristics you showed makes these kind of watches top-notch. Thanks so much for this review. Hope to get more similar subsequent reviews from you soonest 

    1. Thank you so much for your review, and your kind words. i think, hope that the way that I review watches is reflected in all of my reviews.

      As always your feedback is gratefully received.



  3. Wow, this is almost like a tradition meets innovation kind of product. I like the fact it still resembles a traditional watch and doesn’t look like a foreign object on the wrist while at the same time possessing all the features an Apple or FitBit has. It’s a fantastic hybrid and finally, a product that won’t break the bank this time. I’ve steered clear from fitness watches, but this is a product I can see myself wearing. The other products on the market are either too bulky or they look like something from a distant planet, but finally, something that still holds a good deal of tradition to it. 

  4. Hi, The very best thing i will like to mention is your title, i really liked the animation of it, anyways this is a great post regarding branded watched such as CASIO. I really like how you have mentioned the past history of the brands, this helps us understand the story behind these watches. Also what are your opinion on low branded watches?

    1. Oh I am a sucker for a nice cheap watch. Most of my watches are by Xiaomi, or Huawei.

      Thank you also for taking the time to review my article.



  5. Thanks for this great post. Many wearable fitness gadgets includes fitness trackers and smart watches. I loves these gadgets because they perform many sophisticated functions that a smart phone performs. I have a privilege of using some of them, especially ones from Casio a company with reputation in other areas of consumer electronics at affordable prices good quality. Your choice with Casio without not being too rational with turn out great. Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    Many thanks to you for writing such a beautiful blog like ‘Something More Utilitarian’. The hand watch is a very important product for looking, smart people. In your blog’s timepieces are so beautiful and attractive. Its features are also very smart and essential for this age. I’ll buy Alfawise DX 26 model’s clock in the future.

  7. Wow , awesome review! 

    This is a well reviewed article. I must admit you have got a list of beautiful and quality wristwatches here. Most of them look sporty and smart. In fact Casio has always proved to be a good and dogged product over the past years. And I think I have got a birthday present for my friend.

    1. Michael, Thank you for taking the time to review my article, and indeed thank you once again for your kind words. I certainly hope that your friend is suitably appreciative.



  8. Great article and excellent writeup about the Alfawise DX26 review. Your writeup is so precise and direct. I have been to other review sites about smart watches but none have been able to shed more light on the specifications like this. Thanks for the review, will definitely give the watch a thought of purchase. 

    1. Thank you for taking the time to review my article, I am glad that you liked it. 

      I hope that you do decide to purchase the watch it is great value. If you usr the link in my article I think that at the moment it is reduced to around 18GBP.

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