What is biometrics security

In it’s simplest form bio metrics has already become common place in the mobile world. We are all used to the finger scanner in all of it’s wonderful guises, either or . Some high end mobiles have even played with the much famed iris scanner.

Standby though because rumours would have it that Apple are about to take this much further.

We have all been made aware of the FDA acceptance of the viability and reliability of the electrocardiography abilities of the Applewatch 4. Although there are currently a raft of manufacturers now following Apple’s example and now have devices in application for the same recognition, many of which report to being even more accurate and advanced. This licensing without doubt currently leaves Apple at the head of the stack.

Patent Pending Search

A quick look into the US patent pending files reveals an insight as to where Apple seem to be taking this.

There are several physiological attributes that are totally unique to each of us such as; tendons, arteries and blood profusion, so why not us this physiological uniqueness for identity verification and security?

Apples latest pending patent regarding a system for sub-epidermal imaging opens up the possibilities for this and could possibly be in place for inclusion in some form on the next Applewatch, the 5, which we expect to be launching in around 6 months or so. And Apple have been rumoured to be relatively relaxed about the upcoming release date for the next model, fairly secure that the 4 took such a steal on the market that they have a number of months in hand to enable them to once again steel a technological march on the opposition.

Reading into the patent application, filed in the US at the very end of 2018, reveals that. Apple could be about to integrate a totally new light field camera anto their next generation watch which would enable the device to “see” inside the wrist of the wearer and therefore create a totally unique user ID.

Trying not to fall in-line with Apple Corp. current propaganda campaigns it doesn’t take a great leap of faith to see where Apple are going with this, and the Applewatch 5 could have the ability for the wearer to log their wrist physiology into the watch and therefore Apple may be about to produce the world’s first totally theft-proof product.

Biometrics Identity Verification System

That the system will actually make it onto the Applewatch 5, we can’t be certain but purely by indication of the people ant teams signed off to deal with this subject it is obvious that there is not only an exerted effort to get it to market quickly, but also a determination that the project is not going to suffer the same fate as the AirPower. The main question seems to be therefore, not if the technology will make it to market, but if it can possibly be accurate enough to truly be used as a bio-identity verification system.

The very detailed and complex patent application describes the potential for the wearer to take a set of images of his/her wrist, capturing the hair follicle pattern, a vascular pattern, a vein pattern, an artery pattern, a blood perfusion pattern in skin, a blood perfusion pattern in tendons, a blood perfusion pattern in fascia, a tendon pattern, a connective tissue pattern, a skin pigmentation pattern, a pore pattern, and/or a bone shape pattern. This results in the ability to store this data in such a way as to form a unique reference, every subsequently that the watch was put on the wrist, the same data points could then be taken, and compared to the previous results. Once variable parameters have been identified and set, this data could then be used to allow use of the watch or not.

Safeguard Security System

This is obviously the first time that a system even close to this kind of complexity has ever been seen, even at patent application level. So it isn’t difficult to see many of you at home shaking your heads and imagining nightmare scenarios in regard to system failure.

Let’s face it this is going to be (I imagine) a watch costing north of £700! Imagine spending that amount of money, going through all of the set-up procedures, taking it off at night, only to find that when you put it on the next morning it fails to recognise you and refuses to work, or (even worse) sets of the detection alarm that you pondered so very long as to if to disable or not. It is bound to happen to one of us, right?

Well fear not. Contained within the patent application is plans to include gesture recognition, PINS, passwords and combinations of the same, to over-ride the biometric security data.

I think that you will agree with me, given the detail of the patent it seems that this is going to make it to market sometime very soon, and I for one cannot wait to see how well this works out in the real world. It will be truly amazing. And if successful it will change the direction of security for lots of our tech.

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  1. Thank you so much to the author who has written down this kind of such a beneficial article.  This article opened my mind to the fact that technology is advancing on daily basis. I love the idea of patent pending search and i can attest to the fact that its benefits is indeed enourmois. Thanks for the eye opener on this.

    1. Tracy,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article, and then to leave such amazing feedback. It really is very appreciated.



  2. HI, Adrian.  I read your article with interest about at the biometrics of wearer ID for the Apple watch.  I wear the Apple 3, and I thought IT was high tech.  Goes to show how fast things are moving in the tech world.  You addressed the immediate concern that popped into my mind as I read your article; what if I broke my wrist and ended up with a metal pin or slightly different arrangement of the bones when healed, would that lock me out of my Apple 5 watch.  You put my mind at ease.  Looks like the wizards who invent this stuff have provided ways around such problems.  Nice article.


    1. Grant,

      Thanks for taking the time out to read and to comment on my article, it really is very appreciated.

      Yeah it seems that currently, whatever we imagine, is already in development.



  3. Hello Adrian,
    This is excellent information about biometric security technology application on a wristwatch making it smart. Being the first time it is quite natural to have doubt by many people whether there would be any failure in their performance or not. But from my personal understanding, I think Apple will give no chance of such failure. Thank you very much for sharing this priceless high tech information.
    Best wishes,

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