What’s that Smell? Apple

Just as with the approach of the Apple Watch series 4, there is the slight whiff of something in the air. Around 3-4 months before the 4 came a-knocking with another request for us to unlock our wallets, there was a flurry of activity at the patent office, with several, seemingly far-fetched patents surfacing almost all at once,

Not many of them seemed plausible, which left all the market specialist a little wrong-footed for the first time in a while.

On Unveiling the Beauty

Everyone was proved wrong, on the unveiling of the beauty, Apple had included almost every single rumoured patent, and then some more. I can’t remember exactly, but I seem to think that one rumoured enhancement was not included, but honestly the shear number of the advances that Apple, had made bounced this insignificant item right into the long-grass. never to be even thought of again.

It seemed that Apple had indeed made a giant leap forward in the wearable market, one which would steel them a march on the rest of the industry for some considerable time. But the Chinese, are no longer coming, they are well and truly here, and in truth Apple, stole an advance that in real terms lasted less than a couple of months. Such is the way of things nowadays.

The Patent Unicorn

The days when a large US, European, or even Japanese corporate giant can leap so far forward as to gain a considerable advantage in the market are, it seems long gone.

There was a time when the patent gave the tech giants about six-months of advantage over the rest of the market. An advantage displayed in the mobile phone world when one of the giants would introduce a new model incorporating a raft of technological advances, and would then launch model upgrades for up to 2 years or so, upon which were festooned nothing much more than incremental (at best) changes, and do this safe in the knowledge that their market share was relatively secure.

Now it is good business to procure the cheapest possible manufacturing structure for your high end, large profit offerings, however surely it’s obvious that if you concentrate your highly specialised manufacturing process into a country that does not recognise world wide patent legality (especially one as massive and wealthy as China) you are going eventually to lose control of the market place.

There are so many European and US examples of industries that cut costs with the eventual result of cutting their own throats, The European motorcycle industry is one that springs immediately to mind.

So with the proliferation of western companies entrusting their tech manufacture in to China, it is less than surprising that the protection of patent law now is all but non-existent, and ideas are shared, turned around and offered into the market under a cheaper brands, is all but instantaneous.

The Dinosaur Phone

We have now ended up with a mobile phone that has about 9! lenses on it’s rear, making it look like something of a 1920’s B movie, or even some form of plastic dinosaur model.

Did you ever stop and wonder, why?

Well really it’s quite simple. Our dear old beloved phone has undergone such a rapid evolution that it has currently come to an evolutionary stop caused by the restrictions of the world in which it lives. There is now nothing of any significance to add to it’s development, because it’s ecosystem is at full-stretch.

Our beloved phone (and that is from all manufacturers) is now stuck in a cycle of ever more ridiculous incremental changes, to either software or looks (or both), purely and simply because of the laziness and greed of our large phone making corporations.

Our phones can’t evolve much more, because they need the 5G techno-system before that can happen. And our corporate giants no longer have control of that (even though it was their idea in the first place).

Nooooooooooo. Auntie China, has that one all wrapped up.

That’s Trumped it.

Come with me for a short journey through some smoke and mirrors.

How can you tell when it’s already too late?

Yep you guessed it. When governments get involved.

It may have escaped you but there is something of a trade war taking place between the US and China. You would be forgiven for thinking that this was something to do with steel, or bird flu, or something like that, but no. When one country tries at the highest ambassadorial level to influence, and then attempt to blackmail an allied nation in regard to it’s procurement of communication software, then you have to think that something is afoot.

It turns out that the US is trying to persuade it’s allies not to hurry too much into signing sub, and superstructure procurement contracts for 5G, to any Chinese contractor, specifically Huawei. And to wait for up to another 4 years for IBM, and/or Apple to get their act together and produce (secure 5G networking structures and protocols). Even though China and S Korea amongst others have had the superstructure for 4 years or more. This even after Apple promised a fully functioning system to be available from 2016.

It seems that the US government is quite prepared to dump the whole of the western world into the dark ages, for the next 4 years or more, whilst our eastern neighbours take full advantage of the technological advance that 5G will bring. All based on an imaginary, and Trumped up allegation of security issues.

In this case the infamous American, paranoia surrounding the whole subject of Communism, really does seem to have got the better of the whole American government, because even their best boffins seem powerless in advising them that there is no security threat in the 5G substructure, because of it’s latent nature the only security concerns are in the latent security protections within the individual pieces of technology.

Yep, all that’s needed is for the manufacturers of phones, traffic lights, kiosks et all, to take their security and that of their products seriously and to keep them updated regularly.

Hop on the Other Foot

One or two of the western giants have been a little disingenuous over the last couple of years. Whilst their governments have step-by-step cranked up the war of words with China, over something-and-nothing. They have said not a word that they realised quite a while ago that the great 5G revolution that they had been so forthright in setting in motion had left them standing on the platform some considerable time ago.

Bye sitting on their hands and getting carried away in the phoney mobile wars, they had well and truly missed the boat.

What they had realised was that 5G wasn’t the amazing step that they had sold us all. No 5G was only the sub-frame upon which the real revolution was about to be based.

The truly amazing step would be called 6G, and that would be all of the extra things that the 5G platform would facilitate. 6G means the introduction of automated AI onto the world, with all of the connectivity that it could ever need. A truly automated world. And so they started to imagine the opportunities, programs and functionality that 5&6G could enable, and rather than get to entwined in an arms race that they could no longer win, they all but dropped the serious development of 5G, and concentrated on developing the 6G peripherals that are going to fuel the next explosion.

And that is what makes the patent application for the next AppleWatch, very exciting indeed. Whilst governments and corporates have been fighting a pointless, phoney war regarding the development of 5G, and the non-existent security issues within, Apple have been busy loading their shiny new watch with the type of technological developments that are, until the global launch of 5G, going to remain a little bit underwhelming and geeky, but come the big switch on are going to take the world in a storm.

The Next step, and then the Leap After

Here is what we know. Apple Corp. along with a large section of the tech developers are convinced that the race for the fastest processor, fastest, heaviest memory, and energy efficient fast processing is about to end. Most are convinced that the advent of the inter-connectivity of 5G will end all of that.

They are convinced that the next generation of phones, and for our purpose watches and wearables will basically be much more basic and flexible base systems sporting far less portable memory than at present. Basically they are going to be very similar base platforms with models being plenty and directly targeted towards the market of requirement.

There will be little or no further development of complex platforms anymore and the development will concentrate of developing ever more useful and capable sensors and supporting programs.

And that is what really makes the proposed new AppleWatch, very, very interesting.

The Dawn

Here is what we understand about the new Apple, so far.

As you would expect with all of the news over the last few years of Apple’s collaborations with various partners in the health provision industry, the most interesting news so far is regarding advances in health monitoring.

Probably the most talked about, and possibly anticipated is for those of us who have trouble getting a decent night’s sleep. The sleep sensor proposed to be included will provide a level of sleep diagnostics yet to be seen on a portable device, and will allow in-depth sleep studies to be performed on an almost ground-breaking level.

The above throws up the next obvious issue. There is going to have to be a vastly extended wear-time to collect such data. And we already have wind of some very radical thinking regarding both battery-life and rumours of a revolution regarding re-charge.

There are also strong rumours that Qualcom, and Apple have developed a massive advance in movement sensor technology, thus leading to the presumption that The AppleWatch 5, will see the end of having to tap the screen to access functions.

There is also the sniff of something totally ground-breaking. And on the first mention of this I thought……why? On deeper investigation this could be the most exciting thing so far in the watch market. Inverse, who are a regular and reliable source of patent information have proposed that Apple will include a sensor that will enable ‘smell recognition.’ Now I know that sounds a little excessive but bear with me.

That means that they are trying to put on a sensor capable of measuring air pollution, and the presence of foreign airborne chemicals. Capable of detecting rotten food, or even food contamination. More over, and this is the next step in amazing. If they are successful the sensor will be capable of measuring variations in the wearer’s sugar levels by being able to sample and analysing changes in their sweat.

All of this, and it’s still fairly early in the year, so there could potentially be much, much more.

We look forward to bringing you any further developments.

Our site is reliant in your comments and feedback, to continue our development. Please comment with your thoughts below.

8 Replies to “What’s that Smell? Apple”

  1. It is scary how technology is so fast that we just can’t keep up. What was new four months ago has been replaced by something better.

    I love my Apple products, and also my Apple watch, but it is almost four years old now and still growing strong. Nevertheless, when I do upgrade it, I will probably notice a huge difference in the way that the watch works and all the new features that it now has.

    I love that it warns you if your heart is acting up and also has something in it to detect if you have a fall. The fact that you can call help from your wrist is mind-blowing.

    Interesting post all round, and yes maybe we should be taking a bit more notice what China is getting up to in the background there.

  2. As you said the days of running far ahead in the tech market are long gone. But I feel like apple still holds his ground as a leader. 

    Just by this watch with all the impressive options, apple gives us fans of fitness the opportunity to enjoy some sport and stay connected as we would have been with our phones or computer. I love the design, it looks fancy but simple and clean.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. My partner has an Apple watch from the fourth series, but I held back (due to only being able to afford the watch for one of us!). 

    I wasn’t exactly bowled over by the idea of a smart watch until I actually got under the bonnet with hers – it’s an extremely impressive device overall. 

    Now you are telling us that the next series is pushing as far as having a ‘smell sensor’ and being able to read blood sugar levels – that’s truly quite amazing! 

    What price level do you think these watches are going to be set at?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and review my article it really is very appreciated.

      In response to your question, the early indications are that there may be a $20-$50 increase on the current model.

      Kinds Rgds



  4. I am a huge Apple fan. Your article got me engaged right from the beginning. When you started to discuss the field of smart watches I wondered where you were heading. You then segued into the tech world of 5G and 6G and how not having 5G will leave Apple behind the curve for a few years. 

    I learned a lot of interesting points regarding the evolution of 5G technology and how the US Government has used security scares to prevent US companies from buying into Asian 5G technology, often through the trade wars. This has doomed the US into a world of tech darkness for about 4 years. But all was not lost as you mentioned that the US tech giants like Apple are working on a 6G technology that would help us leapfrog the competetion.

    All of this was very interesting,  Can I ask how you plan to make the connectioin between the topics of 5G and 6G to your affiliate marketing business? I couldn’t miss the banners for Wealthy Affiliate planted within your adticle. Can you tell me what your objective was for doing that? I do not want to make any assumptions. The only comment I will make is I failed to see the logic of doing that.

    I did notice many watch affiliate marketing links. Hence I concluded that here is where you were planning on making sales. It would be helpful to your readers if you had a section on the merits of affiliate marketing. And that anyone wanting to learn all about it could do so by clicking the WA banners. If I was a visitor to your Blog, my interest would mainly be in purchasing a watch and reading what you had to say about 5 and 6G technology. I probably would not click the WA banners. If you discussed the merits of affiliate marketing and saw a call to action to check that out, maybe I would. This is just a suggestion and not intended to change the direction you had intended to go. But I would like to know what that direction is. 

    I loved your article. And would like to know more about what your objective was in writing it.

    Thanks so much. 


    1. Hi Edwin,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I am glad that I managed to capture you enough for you to take notice of the banners, that indicates that the article is capturing enough.

      In answer to your question. The site that the article is posted on is not a ‘how to make money’ niche, it is in fact a wearable fitness site and the only reason that I didn’t take the opportunity to promote smartwatches on the article is that as you are aware there are currently no products in the market to match the leap due in technology. 

      However I do have another site under construction that will me aimed at promoting WA, and so I thought I would take the opportunity to promote the WA brand on this article, just to guadge reaction.

      Kind Rgds



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